5 films depicting neurodegenerative ailments


Films provide us with stories about fantasy, comedy, adventure or drama. Movies are much more than just entertainment. The cinema is a fundamental tool for raising awareness of adverse situations in real life. Health problems and diseases are part of life; Hence, they play an important role in the film industry. Through an action, cinema can capture the everyday lives of patients trying to overcome an illness, which also helps us to become aware of the difficulties these patients face. Today we are going to talk about 5 films depicting neurodegenerative diseases.

5 films about neurodegenerative diseases:

  1. The notebook

This is the first movie that comes to mind when I talk about Alzheimer’s. The story takes place in a nursing home in which a man reads a love story from a notebook to a woman with Alzheimer’s disease: This story belongs to Noah.

A love story that can overcome any difficulty, even forgetfulness.

  1. Still Alice

5-neurodegenerative-diseases-always-alcie-neurodegenerative diseases

“Still Alice” is another film about Alzheimer’s disease. Julianne Moore plays Dr. Alice Howland, a world-renowned linguist who was diagnosed early with Alzheimer’s.

The film tells Alice’s attempts to maintain independence despite suffering from this neurodegenerative disease. The film is based on the bestseller of the same name by the writer Lisa Genova and brings us closer to the everyday life of Alzheimer’s patients and their family members.

  1. 100 meters

5 films about neurodegenerative diseases - 100 meters - neurodegenerative diseases

The Spanish film 100 meters is based on the true story of Ramón Arroyo, a father diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. His doctor tells him that he can barely walk 100 meters in less than a year. Arroyo decides to brave his illness and try the impossible: complete an Ironman triathlon.

A tip: don’t miss it!

  1. You are not you

5 films about neurodegenerative diseases - never leave me alone - neurodegenerative diseasesKate is a successful pianist whose life is turned upside down when diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The story centers around the relationship Kate has with her caregiver Bec while her lucid brain takes care of the progressive degeneration of her body.

There is no question that this film shows the symptoms of one of the major neurodegenerative diseases without half measures.

  1. Love & other drug

It is not easy to find a real film about Parkinson’s disease. We selected “Love & other drug” by Edward Zwick, the director of the films “Legends of the Fall” and “The Last Samurai”.

5 films about neurodegenerative diseases, love and other drugsAlthough Love & Other Drugs looks like a typical romantic movie with the same old story at the beginning – a man who succeeds with women meets a free spirited girl and they both fall in love – the truth is it goes way beyond that. Love is just an excuse to openly address two issues that are not so simple: the relationship between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry and Parkinson’s disease, the neurological disorder we are talking about.

Maggie, a free-spirited young woman with early-onset Parkinson’s disease, has a love affair with Jamie, a pharmaceutical salesman. The film shows the personal drama that the main character suffers every day due to her condition and her partner’s determination to find a cure for this disease that medicine has not yet defeated.

These five films not only tell stories, but also raise awareness.


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Neurodegenerative diseases through five films

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Neurodegenerative diseases through five films


Through a story, the cinema can capture the everyday life of people with neurodegenerative diseases and thus create awareness.



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