Afghanistan- Individuals with Disabilities Deserve Higher

(MENAFN – Daily Outlook Afghanistan) People with disabilities have a hard time in Afghanistan because their rights are neglected by the authorities. In fact, the agency fails to recognize that such people need special care and certain privileges that are of paramount importance to them as they struggle to achieve both ends in a society like Afghanistan. In fact, they are neglecting their responsibility to deliver what such people deserve. One of his examples can be seen in the capital, Kabul, where people with disabilities have been holding a sit-in protest for three weeks, but everyone seems to have a deaf ear for their voices.
Around 40 people with disabilities organized this protest in front of parliament so that the government authorities would listen to their demands. Their basic demand is that the government fulfill its responsibility to provide jobs for people with disabilities according to its quota and end its negligence in releasing scholarships for people with disabilities. So far, however, they have been neglected, which is why they have declared that they will extend their protest to other provinces. One of the protesters was quoted in a news report: “We set up the protest tent 20 days ago, but no government official came to hear our voice or respond to our request. We want the rights and privileges of people with the applicable disability law and our services are granted to us on the basis of the law. However, officials at the Ministry of Martyrs and People with Disabilities pay lip service. Meanwhile, the Independent Commission on Administrative Reform and Civil Service (IARCSC) also appears unwilling to take concrete action to meet the employment rate for people with disabilities.
Instead of listening to them and solving their problems, government agencies have contributed to their grief and difficulties. Recently, the Kabul Municipality removed the stands of around 500 people with disabilities from the city, disrupting their small businesses and making them vulnerable to the difficult economic conditions in the country. Now they have no choice but to protest for their rights in freezing cold weather in Kabul and no one can seriously listen to them.
It is very important that all citizens receive their fundamental rights from the state. These rights must be guaranteed without prejudice, as all citizens are equal in the eyes of justice. The rights of special persons – persons with different types of disabilities – must also be guaranteed by the competent authorities with appropriate guidelines and measures. In particular, the underdeveloped countries like Afghanistan need to carefully consider people with disabilities as they have more problems in such countries than others. Furthermore, in such countries there are no possibilities or regulations that enable people with disabilities to master the daunting challenges of life and to live their lives normally.
Afghanistan is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, but specific measures to this effect have not yet been taken. According to the Convention, people with disabilities should be given every opportunity to receive adequate care and a normal living. Unfortunately, both fronts have suffered from government negligence in Afghanistan.
On the other hand, treatment services for such people are poor. There is a lack of hospitals and special care centers, while existing ones are severely affected by the lack of new facilities. In addition, treatment options are mostly out of date.
Therefore, policy makers should remember that one of the ways to help people with disabilities and their families is to provide them with financial compensation. Currently they are given less than 1000 AFN each month by the government, which is negligible given the needs of the people and the ever-increasing inflation. At the same time, it must be remembered that job prospects and professional training are more important than non-profit organizations. It helps people with disabilities to be financially independent and live a life of awe and self-respect. You cannot count on government favor forever, which is inconsistent and largely inadequate.
The response of fellow citizens to people with disabilities is also an important issue in this context. The majority of people prefer to torment them with their discriminatory and sometimes violent behavior rather than support them. There are so many examples where such people are socially ignored. Since they cannot do things the way others do, odd and just inappropriate names are used for them.
Families of such people, forced by financial hardship and other troubles, curse their children and consider them a burden. In addition, it is difficult to find people who will readily accept such people as spouses. Many of them are forced to beg. Women with disabilities in particular do not have a sufficient chance to marry. They are ignored and suffer from extreme social alienation for most of their lives.
The challenges people with disabilities face must be properly understood before efforts are made to resolve their problems. It is the duty of the government to ensure that people with disabilities receive the facilities and care they need to help them live their daily lives. On the other hand, the attitude of society towards people with disabilities should also be changed significantly – they should be treated with respect and care.


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