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Thousands of people living and working in specialized disability care are waiting for their first vaccine doses eight weeks after the introduction.

AAP reports that providers and residents of disabled accommodation should be included in the first phase of the national rollout, which targets the most vulnerable residents in the country.

But Aruma CEO Andrew Richardson No vaccines were administered in the organization’s 350 group homes, which house at least 1,500 people.

“It’s shameful – not one person with a disability who lives in an Aruma-sponsored independent residential setting has been vaccinated,” he told ABC Radio on Monday.

David Moody of National Disability Services said there were similar stories across the country.

“We have many members who are understandably still concerned,” said Moody.

chief doctor Paul Kelly insists that all disabled residents be vaccinated by July.

“Phases 1a and 1b overlap and these two will be completed by the middle of the year,” he told ABC Radio.

The Commonwealth is primarily responsible for vaccinating disabled residents and has contracted private companies to deliver the shocks.

Professor Kelly raised no concerns about the slow pace of introduction of the vaccine.

Minister of Health Greg Hunt says that there was “considerable accessibility” in the area of ​​disabled people.

Hunt said he spoke to Disability Minister Linda Reynolds on Monday to resolve some of the issues.

“The disabled area was great,” Hunt told 4BC Radio.

“We’re just going to make sure that anyone who wants to be vaccinated is vaccinated.

“Safety first, medical advice first and when we need to make adjustments … that’s what we do.”

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