Authorities disability technique dangers changing into a ‘automobile crash’, says Tory peer | Incapacity

The launch of the government’s long-awaited disability strategy risks turning into a car accident if ministers stop doing more to hear the views of people with disabilities before posting them, a conservative peer said.

Lord Shinkwin warned the Prime Minister that the publication of a report flatly rejected by people with disabilities would severely undermine his leveling agenda after activists complained bitterly that the consultation process that informed him had serious flaws.

“I take no pleasure in saying that when the strategy is rolled out next week, the government will envision yet another car accident that will make the release of the latest report by the Commission on Ethnic and Racial Inequality look like a public relations triumph” , he said.

Shinkwin, chairman of the Center for Social Justice’s Disability Commission, said that while he didn’t feel that Tory Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson, should lose his job, he felt he should give people more control over the people Developing the strategy left with disabilities.

The government had promised to publish the disability strategy, which aims to remove barriers to participation in everyday life. But there were long delays in its release.

However, it is the consultation process that preceded it that angered many activists who argue that it was flawed, saying that its format does not allow them to properly describe the barriers that exist.

They also said that insufficient weight was given to the views of people with disabilities. Sarah Gayton of the National Federation of the Blind of the UK called it “shocking” and said it showed the government’s “contempt” for people with disabilities.

She added that people had complained that simple elements of the consultation, such as uploading videos for those communicating in sign language, did not work.

“Developing a strategy for disabled people without adequate commitment is unacceptable,” said Kamran Mallick, CEO of Disability Rights Great Britain.

Mallick said the government, following a review four years ago, was directed by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to more easily deal with people with disabilities. “The next review is pending and we have made no progress.”

He added: “Time and again, people with disabilities and our organizations have asked and urged the government to fund structured independent engagement.”

Doug Paulley, one of four people who successfully persuaded a Supreme Court judge earlier this month to challenge the legality of the trial, said: “The consultation was ridiculous, pointless, poorly designed and offensive. It was in no way practical. It would be very problematic to base the national disability strategy on it or to use it in any way to underpin this strategy. “

He added, “I am pleased that the judge appears to believe that there are enough problems with the hearing to be subject to judicial review. But I am sad that this is necessary; that the government has failed to interact in a meaningful way with disabled people and their organizations. “

On July 13, the Supreme Court gave permission to request a judicial review of the hearing process as it was a contentious process, contrary to its legality and a public interest hearing.

And some activists have told Tomlinson to leave. “I have little faith in Justin Tomlinson or his approach and its impact on the rights of people with disabilities in general,” Paulley said. “Do I think this judicial review should let him go? It would be wonderful, but I doubt it is. “

Gayton agreed, saying that Tomlinson would have to “step down, go away and let in someone who is fighting for the rights of disabled people”.

A government spokesman said: “This was the largest disability policy listening exercise in recent history and means the strategy is a practical response to the problems disabled people face in their everyday lives.

“Putting the voices of disabled people at the center of government policy is an integral part of the strategy and the Minister is passionate about learning from and being guided by these experiences. This strategy is a concerted, comprehensive endeavor to bring about sustainable change. “

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