Canvas Dx: AI Powered App To Diagnose Autism Will get FDA Advertising and marketing Authorization

Back in October 2020, Cognoa, a company that makes digital therapeutics and diagnostic tools, submitted an artificial intelligence-based tool for FDA approval to help diagnose autism in children. Cognoa received FDA approval for its Canvas Dx software just last week and will begin marketing the software later this year.

The app asks parents to answer a questionnaire about their child’s behavioral patterns and also to upload videos of their child in their natural environment. Once submitted, the responses and videos will be sent to a trained professional who will observe the responses and videos and provide their own contributions. The child’s pediatrician also gives his or her answers about the child’s behavior.

On average, most children are diagnosed by around four years of age, but the goal is to get them diagnosed much earlier – by eighteen months of age, so that they can have access to services like speech therapy as soon as possible. The current system is incapable of providing early diagnosis to many children and families.

FDA approval is obtained after evaluating 425 children, ages 18 months to five years, in a diverse group of patients for race, gender, education, and socioeconomic status.

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Source: PR Newswire, MedCityNews

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