Cape Could, Cumberland counties to learn from portion of $7.4M in neighborhood grants | Native Information

Fairfield Township receives US $ 400,000 to remove physical barriers that prevent disabled people from accessing city buildings.

The Middle Township Housing Rehabilitation Program will receive US $ 107,000 to repair approximately 12 housing units occupied by low and middle income residents.

Middle Township will receive US $ 400,000 to remove architectural barriers that impede disabled access and improve accessibility to the Norbury Landing Recreation Area in the Del Haven section.

North Wildwood receives $ 400,000 to design Veterans Park access infrastructure under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Upper Deerfield Township’s Housing Rehabilitation Program receives $ 107,000 for approximately seven low-income housing units.

Upper Deerfield Township receives $ 400,000 to complete ADA improvements by removing architectural barriers at Seabrook Recreation Complex.

Wildwood will receive $ 400,000 to remove non-ADA curb ramps at 11 intersections along Pacific Avenue between Cresse and Montgomery Avenues and replace them with ADA-compliant infrastructure.

Wildwood Crest receives $ 400,000 to remove architectural barriers that hinder mobility for the disabled at 11 beach access points from Orchid Road to Toledo Avenue.

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