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BENGALURU: The Karnataka Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the state government to develop a system or mechanism to prioritize vaccination of people with benchmark disabilities and their carers in the face of the pandemic situation. The court has also instructed the government to authorize the District Welfare Officer or any other official who receives requests via SMS, WhatsApp and email from disabled people or their caregivers.

Needless to say, the government is making the necessary arrangements for vaccination on the doorstep of people with disabilities when they are unable to walk, the court mentioned that priority should be given to treatment, as is done in Section 25 of People with disabilities (equal opportunities, provided). Law on the Protection of Rights and Full Participation.

A department bank of Supreme Judge Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Judge Suraj Govindaraj issued these instructions after hearing a PIL submitted by Karnataka Rajya Vikalachetanara Rakshana Samithi seeking instructions to give priority to people with disabilities over 18 years of age, regardless of the type of disability. and their supervisors primarily during the vaccination campaign from May 1st.

The court ordered that the state government should make effective arrangements for people with disabilities and their carers by ensuring that they do not have to wait in line for the vaccine, while the relevant district authorities should be given the necessary notice to follow these instructions . taking into account the current situation.

The petitioner stated that the center will launch the liberalized and accelerated phase 3 strategy of Covid-19 vaccination from May 1, 2021. However, people with disabilities are not given particular preference, although the government is empowered by law to protect their rights, the petitioner pleaded.

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