Celebrities assist normalize psychological well being issues

Leonardo Dicaprio revealed that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorderSince childhood, and although he claims to be in control, he has admitted to having gone through very difficult times. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by obsessions, thoughts that pose a nuisance and cause certain rituals known as compulsions to be performed to relieve anxiety. It is a condition that limits people daily and affects their quality of life. Despite this disruption, he managed to become one of the best actors of his generation and, for many, the best.

The singer Demi LovatoIt’s a symbol that tends to speak publicly about the various mental health problems she has suffered from. There are thousands of people who suffer from one voice bipolar disorder and to spread the message that because of a lot of work, it is possible to live with the disease.

His ex-girlfriend’s suicide, for which he was wrongly blamed and which was later found to be innocent, gave rise to the acclaimed actor Jim Carrey to step into a depth depression and one of the darkest phases of his life. In 2017, he managed to overcome it thanks to the help of a professional. He claims that this changed his view of life.

The famous sports caster / video gamer Ibai Llanos is no stranger to mental health problems. As a young man, he began to paralyze when fame became a part of his life anxiety. He tried different treatments, but it was a psychologist who helped him face his problems and find solutions. The frequent Youtuber sends a message of hope and encourages people to seek help.

mental health problems, María Pombo

Maria Pombo, the fashionable Spanish influencer, shared how anxiety had gotten her to the point in the past few months that she had to seek the help of a psychiatrist with whom she continues to work. She defends the importance of taking care of the mind and not being ashamed of it.

Finally the hero of the World Cup that Spain won Andres Iniesta, confessed that a series of events put him in a black hole, from which he was able to come out with the help of various specialists. Honor his philosophy, he got up and fought again.

In fact, there are many athletes who work with a trainer Increase your performance and train the mental partas is the case with the vast majority of tennis players.

The need to raise awareness about mental health issues

There are increasing numbers of people in need of psychological help, but only 5 in 100 Spaniards receive treatment. Because of this, the Experts suggest tackling the lack of informationBroadcasting the message in different areas such as school and workplace, that it is very beneficial to go to a specialist. In the end, it is a professional to assist you in making new decisions that will improve your life.

On the other hand, you have to be aware that it is not always possible to be happy. If it were, we wouldn’t know what happiness is.

We are faced with a phenomenon that contributes decisively to normalizing something that is as inherent in people as emotions, and to encourage people with problems to ask for help, which leads to a Benefits to society and public health.

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Celebrities help normalize mental health problems

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Celebrities help normalize mental health problems


A new trend is making itself felt, and more and more celebrities are choosing to open up to public opinion and expose their mental health problems



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