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The Central Advisory Council on Disability last week asked all states and union territories to submit a report on measures taken for the disability sector during the Covid period. The meeting, chaired by Union Minister Tawar Chand Gehlot, also made many other important decisions in the area of ​​the disability sector. Disability rights activists hope that the recommendations of the board will be strictly followed by the state / UT governments.

While people with disabilities are struggling to get out of the pandemic, there has been massive criticism across India for failing to do enough to safeguard or protect the community. Last week the Central Advisory Board on Disability (CABD) asked all states and union territories to submit a report on the actions they were taking for the disabled community during the Covid pandemic. The board also called on states to appoint commissioners and establish advisory boards at the earliest. While members of the disabled community are welcoming the move, they are waiting to see how well it does in the coming months.

Main discussions in the board

The meeting chaired by the Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Tawar Chand Gehlot urged all states and union territories to update details of job vacancies for disabled people online in order to ensure greater transparency. At the earliest, special recruiting campaigns must be carried out to fill vacancies, said Gehlot. With many disabled people vacancies in many states and UTs, providing these opportunities will help many disabled people feed themselves and their families during Covid times.

The board also wanted the “Accessible India” campaign to make all public spaces accessible and implement it at the earliest. A final report was asked to be submitted to the Department of Powers of Persons with Disabilities for Notification (DEPWD) within six months. Apart from that, the board also highlighted the need to implement the RPWD Act 2016 and the Unique Disability ID project.

The provision of resources for people with disabilities, the rehabilitation of children with disabilities, actions by states and UTs for the welfare of the disabled were other topics. The meeting, which was attended by representatives from different countries, ensured a quick solution to all problems related to the disabled room.

Voices from the disabled area

Jomy JosephA disability rights attorney from Kerala said, “This is a good initiative indeed. Each state has an advisory committee that implements and mandates the 2016 RPWD Act. The board of directors must have representatives from various NGOs that are active in the area of ​​disabled people. There must be a report on facilities for people with disabilities during the Covid times. All initiatives launched for disabled people during the Covid period also need to be considered as the community welcomes various programs introduced during this period. You asked to step up the Accessible India campaign, which is a great thing. “

Unni Maxx, a popular name in the field of disability, says, “Covid has hit many people, especially disabled people, in very dire ways. The many promises of the state governments were never fulfilled. In Kerala, the disability pension was granted without any problems. But that’s not the only thing we need. Promises to the disabled sector are often just gimmicks. If a board toughens things up it would be great. Funds have never been a cause for concern because they are available. “

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