City of Dighton Awarded $118,838 Secure Streets and Paths Accessibility Grant

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  • The City of Dighton will install zebra crossings and two ADA-compliant curb ramps on Center Street near the Berkley-Dighton Bridge adjacent to the Bristol County Agricultural High School. (Courtesy photo of the City of Dighton)
  • At the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Spring Street, the city will install curb ramps, a zebra crossing and a warning sign. (Courtesy photo of the City of Dighton)

DIGHTON – The City of Dighton is proud to announce that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has awarded the community a grant to improve the accessibility of roads and sidewalks in various areas of the city.

The US $ 118,838.50 MassDOT Shared Streets and Spaces grant will be used to fund ADA-compliant curb ramps and curb cuts, accessible walkways for wheelchairs, and clearly delineated pedestrian crossings across the city as part of a Safe Streets and Paths Fund the project.

“This grant will go a long way in removing barriers in every corner of our community,” said City Administrator Michael Mullen. “I would like to thank MassDOT, Rep. Pat Haddad, and Sen. Marc Pacheco for their partnership in making this funding a priority. I would also like to thank Selectman Brett Zografos, Highway Superintendent Tom Ferry, and ADA Coordinator Jonathan Gale for all of their efforts and support in promoting pedestrian-friendly roads across Dighton. “

Removing barriers across the Dighton community is an ongoing priority for the Board of Selectmen, the Dighton Commission on Disability, and the Dighton Highway Department. The city has worked with residents to identify accessible roads, sidewalks, and intersections in Dighton to give all residents safe access to Dighton’s many public access resources.

The Safe Streets and Paths project addresses several critical, currently inaccessible pedestrian zones that provide access to a local public transport bus stop, the city’s public housing authority, a local grocery store, banking facilities, a playground, an outdoor / recreational area, and two commercial properties.

Infrastructure improvements as part of the Safe Streets and Paths project include two ADA-compliant curb ramps and cuttings that will be installed in the following locations: Main Street and Elm Street, Warner Boulevard and Spring Street, School Street and Lincoln Avenue, Lincoln Avenue by Johnny’s Market , Summer Street and Spring Street, walkway across Bow Street and Spring Street and Winter Street.

Pedestrian crossings and two ADA-compliant curb ramps will also be on Center Street near the Berkley-Dighton Bridge next to the Bristol County Agricultural High School, Main Street near the Dighton Public Library (395 Main St.), Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Village installed Senior Housing (300 Lincoln Ave.) and at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Spring Street.

The Shared Streets and Spaces program provides technical and financial assistance to help cities and towns design, design and implement tactical changes to curbs, streets and parking lots to support public health, safe mobility and renewed commerce.

Information on the municipal scholarship program Shared Streets and Spaces can be found here.


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