Concrete vs. asphalt on freeway on-ramps; when does Caltrans go for one or the opposite? – San Bernardino Solar

Q: The Madison Street exit from Freeway 91 heading west into Riverside was recently repaved with asphalt, observed Glenn Olsen, a Riverside resident. Olsen asked if it is Caltrans’ policy to require the use of concrete paving on the last 30 or 50 feet of the substructure to increase durability, and if an exception has been made or if this work is temporary Solution acted. “I’m afraid this heavily used ramp will soon be in the same lumpy condition it was in before the paving,” said Olsen.

A: Caltrans spokeswoman Terri Kasinga said this ramp paving job was “a maintenance overlay due to deteriorating road conditions” – or a temporary fix, so to speak. This work is not a project to replace concrete or pavement on the ramp, she said. “For specific construction projects, they may comply with ADA specifications and the concrete paving at the lower end of the ramp.” Kasinga noted that this pavement will be completely replaced in five or six years. In the meantime, Caltrans maintenance staff will continue to do temporary repairs if necessary, she said.

Q: Gerald Whitney buys a boat that has to be towed from California across four state lines. Whitney said the license registers on the trailer have expired and he plans to register the boat in another state. Whitney asked if he needs to register the boat in California before shipping it across state lines.

A: Nicholas Filipas, a spokesman for the Department of Motors Vehicles, encouraged Whitney to review the rules and regulations of the state where he wants to register the boat and trailer, which we think is a smart idea, too. Our reader should try to find out which registration laws apply in the other states that he wants to pass, especially if he is going to spend a long time in them. Regarding our reader’s ultimate destination, Filipas said, “Depending on the laws of the other state, he could pay back the registration fees for the ship and trailer, which are not currently registered.”

After our reader collects this information, Filipas said, he can register and name the boat and trailer in California before shipping them across state lines, but he doesn’t have to. He could buy a non-refundable One Trip Permit ( to use the boat and to transport the trailer to the destination. Filipas said the One Trip Permit, which costs $ 23, might be the best option. The permit must be affixed to the windshield or other highly visible location on the vehicle and can be used in place of the full California permit to move any vehicle to be registered. However, our reader should know that once that permit leaves California, it may no longer be honored in another state. “He should re-check the laws and regulations of the state with which he wants to register the ship and trailer as he may have to pay back the registration fees,” Filipas said.

A job well done

Finally, On the Road would like to congratulate the top workers at Riverside County’s Freeway Service Patrol, a group of tow truck drivers who help stranded drivers or disabled vehicles in the county. These people will jump-start cars; Give drivers a gallon of gasoline when they run out, refill your radiator, and help change tires – anything to get disabled vehicles moving or off the highway, keep traffic moving, and prevent accidents . Riverside County Freeway Service Patrol is a program run by the Riverside County Transportation Commission, Caltrans, and the California Highway Patrol.

Every year, the Freeway Service Patrol Commission reviews Driver Comments and Statistics to recognize the best Freeway Service Patrol drivers based on performance and positive ratings. For 2020, five drivers who all live in the Inland Empire were honored for their good work. They are: David Camberos from Pepe’s Towing who won the Top Driver Award; Alex Alvarado of Coastal Pride Towing, who received the Driver of Excellence Award; Marquis Jones of Coastal Pride Towing, named Rookie of the Year; Manuel Gonzalez-Moreno of Pepe’s Towing, who won the Most Assists Award; and George Ballesteros of Pepe’s Towing, who won the Public Choice Award for 48 positive comments.

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