Covid-19: Take a relook at masks for the disabled, Bombay HC directs Maharashtra govt | Mumbai Information

MUMBAI: The Bombay Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the Maharashtra government to re-examine the masks for people with speech and hearing impairments.
A Bank of Justice Amjad Sayed and Justice Girish Kulkarni, who heard a PIL from a Pune-based NGO calling for instruction on special masks for the hearing and speech impaired, were shown sample masks designed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) .
However, the judges pointed out to the printed logo that it was not possible to determine whether a person had a disability.
“The effects should be immediate. You need a team of experts to work on the design, ”said Justice Kulkarni.
State attorney Bhupesh Samant said the design is used in many countries and matches the design in the petition.
“It’s not clear. It should appear as a hearing impairment. It’s not,” said Justice Kulkarni.
Samant also said the BMC took the lead in designing the specialty masks.
He said the masks must be approved by an electronic tendering committee before an order is placed.
In their order, the judges said, “The design requires a new look” and the design needs to be more prominent and identifiable.
During the hearing, the judges found that the state has issued Standard Operating Instructions (SOP) to all authorities for the disposal of masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) and waste generated in the treatment of Covid-19.

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