Designs for Robinson Park Pool Renovation Scheduled to be Accomplished This 12 months – Pasadena Now

The design of the new pool and the renovation of the pool building at Robinson Park will be completed this year, according to a memo from Kris Markarian, Acting Director of Public Works, to City Manager Steve Mermell.

Upon completion, the existing pool will be replaced with a new 4,141 square meter pool that will provide zero entry access for infants, seniors and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), laps for swimming laps, a new highly efficient heating system, a new pool deck with deck showers and an enclosing wall of the facility.

In addition, a new chemical store and a pool technology room will be built.

Construction work is scheduled to begin in spring 2022 and be completed in spring 2023.

Councilor John Kennedy said the new pool could play a key role in teaching African American children to swim at a young age.

“Minority children, especially African American, drown in significant numbers across the country each year from what remains of the racist public policy of the past regarding access to public swimming pools that continues to affect color communities today,” said Kennedy. This racist policy cannot be overlooked.

“It feels like the pool and pool house at Robinson Park has been closed for 5 or 6 years and the city is moving at a snail’s pace to help the kids suffering from the sweltering summer heat. However, the reality looks more differentiated in view of the tight capital budgets. “

Black Americans can swim about half as often as white Americans. Professor Jeff Wiltse of the University of Montana and author of Contested Waters told ABC News. According to Wiltse, black children drown three to five times more often than white children, depending on their age.

“The pool and pool house will play a vital role in teaching our children to swim and encouraging them to practice water sports throughout their lives,” said Kennedy. “We stop drowning by teaching all children to swim from a very young age. We can and we must do it immediately at Robinson Park and Recreational Center. “

Two years ago, as part of the 2019 Capital Improvement Program, the City Council voted for the adequacy of residential impact fees from Lincoln Properties Development to the Robinson Park Project and several others.

Robinson Park was first opened in 1974 and renovated in 2009,

The pool building will be reconfigured and renovated to allow for ADA compliance upgrades and improvements in facility functionality.

Shower rooms are being remodeled to meet ADA standards, as well as two new family-friendly toilets with showers. The reconfiguration creates space for new first aid and staff changing rooms and offers an ADA-compliant route to the pool. The building surfaces are continuously updated.

“These improvements will allow residents and visitors to enjoy these amenities alike, and to offer them all year round, year round,” wrote Markarian.

A construction contract for the work is to be awarded in December.

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