Florida dad accused of assaulting scholar who requested him to put on masks at college

Dan Bauman was arrested and charged with child molestation

A Florida father tired of the COVID-19 mask mandate is accused of assaulting a high school student during a mask fight with a school resources officer.

The incident occurred at Fort Lauderdale High School on Wednesday. Dan Baumann, 50 and his daughter were arguing with a resource officer about the school’s mask mandate when another student called them up for causing a disruption, according to the Washington Post.

Bauman is said to have attended school more than once, and a passing student said, “I’ve had enough for four days,” according to an arrest report.

When the student noticed that Bauman was recording her on his cell phone, she tried to reach for it and he attacked her.

“[Bauman] then the child squeezed by the shoulder and grabbed his hand and twisted his arm in an aggressive manner, “the school resources officer wrote in the arrest report,” which was causing me and my safety [guard] draw [Bauman] the child off. “

Bauman was arrested by Fort Lauderdale police and charged with child molestation.

The school resources officer noted in his report that he turned on his body camera when Bauman approached campus that morning because he was “known to cause disruption for protesting the school board’s mask policy.”

The police have not published any bodycam recordings due to the ongoing investigation.

Broward County’s public schools said in a statement to the WPLG that the mask policy ensures that “students have a safe and healthy learning environment, especially now that they’re back in the classrooms.”

principle Sean Curran said there was no resistance from students to wearing masks.

“Each and every one of them wears it and supports the measures to ensure everyone’s safety,” he said.

Meanwhile, religious leaders, conservative politicians, and more parents are helping circumvent COVID-19 protocols that medical experts say are undermining virus recovery efforts, theGrio previously reported.

The story goes on

An Oregon school principal tells parents that they can use federal disability law to stop their children from wearing masks. A pastor in a California mega-church offers religious exemptions for anyone who has moral conflicts over vaccination requirements. And the Louisiana Attorney General posted sample letters on his office’s Facebook page for those trying to circumvent the governor’s masking rules.

While proponents of these workarounds say they look after child health and parental rights, others say such strategies are dishonest, irresponsible and could undermine efforts to defeat the highly contagious Delta variant.

* This article contains additional coverage from the Associated Press.

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The Florida father, who was accused of assaulting a student who asked him to wear a mask to school, first appeared on TheGrio.

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