Former authorities.Martinez: Reopening College Wants Serving to Particular Wants College students – My Household Is aware of The Challenges They Face

The United States is trying to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. With the latest CDC guidelines and the lifting of mask restrictions for people who have been vaccinated, businesses, restaurants and school buildings across the country will reopen.

However, readmission plans must not forget to meet the needs of vulnerable young people with disabilities.

The financial, psychological and physical challenges for students with disabilities have intensified significantly during the pandemic as many people lack access to personalized education plans or other youth. It took me some time to get along with it.

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With parents, local, state and federal leaders now promoting school reopenings across the country, students with special needs are not forgotten and can cope with the learning loss they have experienced. Must meet their needs.

I am the legal guardian of my sister Letty, who has a developmental disorder. Letty was born with cerebral palsy, which leads to intellectual disability. She is two years older than me, but cognitively five years old.

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I had no biological children. From the age of 14, I knew that when my mother died, Letty’s new home would be with me all day and she would still be five years old. Letty has taught me a lot over the years: patience, joy, unconditional love and the importance of always being with her.

Lettie’s best learning moments always come from the social environment. My personal experiences with Letty enabled me to express and understand the educational and social needs of people with disabilities, given that we were little girls until now.

Letty is still learning to this day, but she has to take off her mask so she can see and hear me speak a little louder than usual and interact with me and others. there are. Otherwise, the mask and the lack of eye contact and interaction become an obstacle to their further learning.

National, state and local leaders must advocate for students with disabilities so that their special needs are not forgotten when the school is about to reopen.

With COVID-19 disrupting the learning of students across the country, many parents of students with disabilities fear that their children will be late for class and be enough from school during the closing time. I felt like I wasn’t getting any support. Parents’ fears are well founded as schools actually struggle to meet the needs of these students.

Students with disabilities struggled to manage their connections to virtual platforms, and schools often disregarded statutory tutoring schedules. These failures are the result of systematic poor planning and a lack of inclusion. After schools reopened, heads of state and educators have corrected closure errors and for students with disabilities. We have to build a really fair education system.

National, state and local leaders must advocate for students with disabilities so that their special needs are not forgotten when the school is about to reopen.

Leaders should see the school reopening as an opportunity to remove the barriers that faced students with disabilities prior to the pandemic. You should focus on the students who have the least access to the resources they need, such as: B. Low-income students and colored students.

We need to pay more attention to data on collaboration and loss of target learning and provide tools for parents to help their children. Only one in five educators feels ready to meet the needs of students with disabilities in the classroom. Hence, more educators are needed to support this particular group of students. You have to rent and train.

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Today our local, state and federal leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to meet the needs of students with disabilities in reopening schools. These young people have been left behind for too long by the system and our response to COVID-19.

If you want to ensure the fairness of education and help students recover from the learning losses predicted by experts, your focus should also be on helping these students and their families. There are. If we don’t change, we will continue to perpetuate the long-running fairness gap in the American education system due to the growing student population.

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Former Government.Martinez: School Reopening Needs Help for Students with Special Needs – My family knows the challenges they face

Source Link Former Government. Martinez: The school reopening must help students with special needs – my family knows the challenges they face

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