High 5 Invacare Mobility Scooters

Invacare mobility scooters are the best option for users because of their high maneuverability, elegant appearance and reliability. The wide range of scooters with a high level of safety features for everyday use consists of micro, mini, medium, large and bariatric models.

The Invacare brand is currently a leading international provider of medical products and services for private households worldwide. This brand name has developed a wide range of home care and long-term care medical products that aid rehabilitation and improve lifestyle.

The range of mobility scooters is the most popular product. The top 5 scooters available from Independent Living Specialists are Invacare Colibri, Invacare Leo, Invacare Comet Alpine plus mobility scooter, Invacare Comet ULTRA Mobility Scooter and Invacare Pegasus Mobility Metro Scooter.

Invacare Colibri Scooter

This scooter is a very new device that received the Red Dot Award for high design quality in 2014. It is a stylish, simple and colorful lightweight micro scooter made for people who love to live independently. It has a unique LifeLock system that does not require tools to dismantle, and it also fits into any type of shoe. It is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Color swatches can also be selected to suit the user’s choice and can be changed as needed. The seating is very comfortable and the ergonomic handlebars prevent hand and wrist fatigue. Free roadside assistance is available around the clock.

Invacare Leo Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is designed for those who care about their independence and want to move around without assistance. It is an economical 4-wheel lightweight scooter made so that users can feel free and safe as they go through their daily trips and vacation trips. Safety is the main feature of this scooter and it has been built to exceptionally high specifications and safe construction. This mobility scooter is a new market criterion. It also comes with free 24/7 roadside assistance.

Invacare Comet Alpine Plus mobility scooter

This newest mobility scooter is equipped with a large motor to ensure a better pull. It is ideal for those who love the outdoors. Its powerful engine and the built-in separate 4-point suspension system make it ideal for use outdoors and ensure uninterrupted, comfortable driving even on bumpy roads to climb the most imposing hills. It is also equipped with a variety of security features, such as: B. Speed ​​reduction when turning, switching on the brake light when stopping and a 2-stage release lever to prevent the scooter from driving unaided.

This scooter is also equipped with free roadside assistance 24/7.

Invacare Comet ULTRA mobility scooter

This is a sturdy outdoor mobility scooter best suited for people weighing up to 220 kg. It ensures a safe, fast and comfortable journey. It has all the safety features and drive components of other Comet scooters and offers the possibility of transporting the user quickly and safely to any destination. 24/7 roadside assistance is provided, mirror, safety flag safety vest is provided free of charge with the purchase including a 24 month warranty.

Invacare Pegasus Mobility Metro Scooter

The focus of this mobility scooter is on the reliability and safety of the user with its fascinating new functions that ensure the safety of the customer during every journey. Since it is a strong and reliable scooter, it can be safely used on daily trips or even on long journeys. The independence and efficiency as well as user-friendly systems ensure a pleasant and quiet journey with this device.

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