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Disability rights activists in Tamil Nadu are unhappy with budget allocations for the disability sector. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, more community support allocations were expected.

“We have asked the government to increase the monthly disability pension from 1,000 rupees to 3,000 rupees, just like the neighboring states of Puducherry and Telangana. The officials didn’t even keep an eye on this issue. People are suffering financially, especially after the pandemic. ” “Said S Namburajan, Secretary-General of the Tamil Nadu Association for the Rights of All Types of Differently-Bled and Caregivers (TARATDAC).

Another activist, R. Vimal, pointed out that large numbers of disabled people are homeless, saying that complying with the Disability Rights Act will help tackle the problems of poverty and unemployment, and it should have been Budget must be ensured. According to the law, 5 percent of jobs in the private sector must be reserved for people with disabilities. Likewise, 4 percent of the jobs in the public sector are to be reserved for us. However, according to Vimal, these provisions are not being implemented. “People with disabilities want a dignity in life that can only be achieved if they can get jobs.”

The activists point out that less than 10 percent of companies adhere to this law and, ironically, they dismiss PwDs in an interview with their disability as a shortcoming. Discrimination makes their plight worse. In addition, the government has also failed to comply with the 2013 Supreme Court order that the backlog of vacancies must be made available to people with disabilities. The members of the community are asking for a whitepaper to find and implement these backlog points. They are also calling for MNREGA job quotas, as provided by the government.

What was announced for the industry on Friday?

  • To ensure that all 9,173 eligible people receive a maintenance allowance of Rs 1,500 per month. The budget allowance for this is Rs.404.64 crore.
  • The budget for tools and equipment was increased to 50.66 billion rupees
  • This government can put in place a direct payment mechanism for various types of rehabilitation devices and equipment.
  • Tamil Nadu, with the support of the World Bank, will launch the RIGHTS program to cover the early detection and prevention of disabilities, as well as better access to maintenance and rehabilitation.


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