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Saranya, a disabled girl who worked at the agricultural office in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, recently suffered a tragic death. She died after falling into a septic tank near her office that had no basic equipment, even a toilet. Disability rights activists are demanding responses and swift action from the government to prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening in the future.

24 years old Saranya from Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu had big dreams and ambitions for their future. Saranya, someone with physical limitations, could still secure a job in the state farm. But their dreams were cut short. Saranya had a tragic death last Saturday when she fell into a septic tank near her office. Saranya, having to answer nature’s call, had to approach the septic tank as her office did not have a bathroom for her staff. The incident sparked shock waves in Tamil Nadu, with disability rights activists demanding responses from officials who have always been responsive to the needs and demands of the community.

A tragic incident

The Kancheepuram government’s agricultural office is built without basic equipment. They don’t have ramps either, but they also lack basic amenities like bathrooms in the office space. Employees are forced to go to nearby homes to hear the call of nature.

Saranya worked as “Godown Manager” in the agricultural expansion center in Kalakattur in Kancheepuram. On the fateful day, Saranya informed her colleagues that she would use a bathroom in a nearby house. But even though she didn’t come back long, her colleagues started looking for her. They found their slippers floating on the septic tank. Saranya was rescued from the 10 foot deep tank by firefighters. But she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Saranya, who could walk alone but is limping, likely chose to use the septic tank instead of going to a nearby house. Police say the accident happened after Saranya stepped on the tank, which broke its lid and she fell right into it.

One case was registered at the Magaral Police Station. Her angry relatives and family members protested near the Kancheepuram government hospital.

Though district collector Maheswari has ordered an investigation into the incident, disability rights activists are looking for faster action and more facilities for disabled people in government offices what the hour needs.

Victim of government apathy

In conversation with Newz Hook, Gagandeep Singh BediThe Commissioner for Agricultural Production and Chief Secretary of the Government said: “The incident is unfortunate and we have asked the district collector for a report. The government has arranged for human facilities to be put in place, but I understand that both the building and the complex were an old location where the incident took place. But that’s clearly not an excuse. “

TMN Deepak, Founder, December 3rd movement Says: “We need to look at the disability aspect and how well the central government programs are properly implemented. Accessibility laws for the disabled were first introduced 25 years ago. Then came the 2016 RPWD Law. Even the Tamil Nadu government has exclusive laws for disabled people, but why aren’t they implemented in the state? Now a young girl has lost her life ”.

S Namburajan is the Secretary General of Tamil Nadu Association for the Rights of All Kinds of People with Disabilities and Caregivers (TARATDAC). He says Rs 1 crore in compensation and government jobs will be required for Saranya’s sister. The State Commissioner for Disabled People and the Human Rights Commission have also reportedly taken up cases. But Namburajan’s organization is demanding an answer from the head of state, the prime minister Edappadi K Palaniswami.

“Our CM publishes on social media how he made a significant contribution to the donation of four wheelchairs and how he gave work to a disabled woman in just a few hours. Why doesn’t he react to the unfortunate incident with Saranya? Everyone who visits the Agriculture Office, including farmers, is forced to go outside to witness the call of nature. We have programs like ‘Swachh Bharat’ that are never implemented. Even after this tragic incident, I do not expect any positive results, ”he says.

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