Intercourse disability providers dealing with federal ban

People with disabilities are banned from paying for sex services through funding of a national insurance scheme under a government plan by Morrison.

State and territorial ministers from across the political division have rejected a proposal to change the funding rules for the national disability insurance system.

The Minister for Government Services, Stuart Robert, plans to define appropriate and necessary NDIS services under federal law.

“The Commonwealth is now going to make a fundamental decision because we don’t believe taxpayers’ money should be used for prostitution services,” he told 2GB Radio on Wednesday.

The move responds to a federal court ruling that a woman with multiple sclerosis and other illnesses was legally eligible to receive funding for sex therapy.

The ACT rejects the ban on sex services from the NDIS.

Some states have asked for more consultation, while others said they likely would not support the federal government.

“Because I can’t reach an agreement, I’m forced to legislate. If states and territories want to fund prostitutes, they can pay for it themselves,” said Robert.

The minister wants the changes to ban other services such as spa treatments or the construction of jetties at the end of people’s property to go kayaking.

“We need to make rules about what is sensible and necessary because the community expects us to do that,” he said.

He urged Labor and Crossbench senators to support the changes in the Senate.

“I hope you will understand that there has never been a government funded prostitution that we can find in the history of the Commonwealth,” said Robert.

“We shouldn’t start now.”

Originally published February 2, 2021, 4:06 p.m.

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