Iowa to pay out $6.eight million in settlements

Most of the claims concern institutions of the Board of Regent

The Pappajohn Pavilion at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is on display in Iowa City. The state appeal committee on Tuesday approved more than $ 6.8 million in settlements and judgments for fiscal year 2021. In total, UIHC settlements exceeded $ 3.07 million, while the university paid $ 350,000, according to board documents. (The newspaper)

DES MOINES – The state appellate body approved more than $ 6.8 million of settlements and judgments in fiscal year 2021 to cover errors, misconduct, and missteps by state employees and corporations – with most of the claims paid by state entities of the Regents was contested.

Documents presented to the three-person panel Tuesday showed that $ 6,805,423 was paid to cover claims of medical malpractice, workplace discrimination, and other issues brought up by Iowers raised by university staff of Iowa Health Clinics, state supervisors, employees, or others under the umbrella of the state government during the 12 months ended June 30.

The annual payout declined from nearly $ 15 million last year to more than $ 11.7 million in fiscal 2019, but was slightly above the $ 6.6 million in fiscal 2018, according to board records.

In total, the UIHC agreements exceeded $ 3.07 million, while the university paid $ 350,000, according to board documents. A little less than $ 2 million was paid by the University of Northern Iowa – the majority of which was a payment of nearly $ 1.84 million to a sound engineer who was hit by a forklift in a concert hall – and Iowa State University paid $ 713,500 in accounts receivable during the just ended fiscal year 2021.

The State Appeal Board-approved payments to settle settlements and judgments caused by employee error, workplace misconduct, or other harm related to government activity hit an all-time high in fiscal 2008 when $ 23.5 million was paid to To settle claims related to the Iowa Lottery TouchPlay program.

In fiscal 2015, the company paid nearly $ 19.6 million in settlement of lawsuits and judgments filed before the State Appeal Board, including more than $ 12.3 million in solving construction problems at the state’s maximum security prison in Fort Madison, while the 2012 fiscal year saw an increase in receivables from the now-defunct state film tax credit program.

On Tuesday, the board approved two settlements for the next fiscal year, including a $ 50,000 payment to settle an infringement lawsuit against the University of Iowa in Iowa City and a $ 28,500 discrimination complaint against the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls approved.

The state agreed to pay $ 50,000 to the parents of a minor injured in a collision with a golf cart operated by a University of Iowa volunteer. The child’s parents claimed the golf cart operator negligently operated the vehicle, resulting in injuries and the loss of the consortium.

The three-person panel also voted Tuesday to pay a $ 28,500 lawsuit of racial and perceived disability discrimination brought against the University of Northern Iowa by former Waterloo employee Martha Washington. Washington claimed she had been subjected to various forms of treatment, including denial of education and unfair disciplinary action – which ultimately led to her resignation in September 2019.

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