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TOPEKA The Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission, the Kansas African American Affairs Commission, and the Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns today sent a joint letter to the Kansas Redistricting Committee outlining the steps that should be taken to address the issue of voters, transparency and accessibility during the reclassification process.

“It is vital that the redistribution process is as transparent as possible and that as many people as possible have the opportunity to be involved in the decisions that affect who their voice in the legislature may be over the next decade.” says the letter. “However, there are still several steps this committee should take to ensure voter participation.”

The steps outlined in the letter include:

  • Conducting hearings in a room that complies with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA);
  • Providing sign language and Spanish interpreters and notifying the public of the availability of such services;
  • Ensure multiple meetings are held in the evening and on the weekends to accommodate working hours;
  • And including cards and / or statements submitted by interest groups.

“These steps are not unheard of in scope and should be considered to ensure that Kansans has confidence in the processes that will shape our future together.” says the letter.

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