Karnataka HC discover to govt on Covid vaccine for disabled- The New Indian Categorical

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BENGALURU: The Karnataka Supreme Court on Friday notified both the state and the central government of a PIL filed by Karnataka Rajya Vikalachetanara Rakshana Samithi seeking instructions to give priority to people with disabilities over the age of 18 regardless of their type of disability and their supervisors primarily during the vaccination campaign from May 1st.

A department bank of Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Judge Suraj Govindaraj asked both governments for an answer while they announced the matter by April 26 for a hearing at the special session. The petitioner said the center will launch the liberalized and accelerated phase 3 strategy of Covid-19 vaccination from May 1. However, people with disabilities are not given particular preference, although laws that affect them empower the government to protect their rights, she argued.

The petitioner also stated that the priority for people with disabilities and their carers is to be vaccinated as their condition may make them unable to follow social distancing, wear masks or avoid contact and are therefore at high risk. The only way to ensure these people are saved from the pandemic is to ensure that everyone, along with their caregivers, are vaccinated based on their UDID cards or disability certificates. However, the petitioner’s exclusion of this category from the vaccination regime is arbitrary, while urging the court to give instructions to the government to organize special camps at the district level under the supervision of the relevant district disability officer to ensure vaccination is given priority for the disabled and their supervisors from May 1st.

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