Kiosk Producer Affiliation (KMA) Broadcasts ADA Committee Co-Chairmen

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE) – KMA is pleased to announce that Peter Jarvis has accepted a motion to remain co-chair of the Accessibility Committee. As Co-Chair, Nicky Shaw from Storm Interface will work closely with Peter.

“Many thanks to Randy Amundson from the FMA, who previously served as co-chair. I look forward to serving on the committee and continuing to advocate for more accessible self-service technology, ”said Nicky.

Nicky and Peter are joined by James Kruper of KioWare as vice chairman of the committee. James will serve to provide essential insight into the applicable requirements for accessible UX software applications and an appropriate platform configuration.

In collaboration with system designers, kiosk manufacturers, operators and disability associations, the committee will address both opportunities and challenges related to improved accessibility.

“The KMA Accessibility Committee must remain a credible source of advice and guidance, operate independently and free from outside interference. Committee members are appointed (and motivated) to act and serve in the best interests of KMA members, customers of the kiosk industry and disabled communities who rely on accessible self-service technology, ”said Peter Jarvis.

As co-chairs, Nicky and Peter will try to recruit committee members from the disabled communities and their representative organizations. You are looking for representatives from both hardware and software manufacturers. Lawyers who deal with disability rights are also invited. It is considered essential that the kiosk industry is recognized by lawmakers as an important part of the solution rather than the cause of the problem. The KMA Accessibility Committee will propose that consultation with representatives of the kiosk and self-service sector should be an integral part of any new mandate or legislative process.

Other members of the ADA and the Accessibility Committee are Olea Kiosks, Pyramid Computer, Vispero, KIOSK Information Systems, KioskGroup, Peerless-AV, Dolphin Computer Access, Mimo Monitors, DynaTouch and Tech For All Consulting.

In addition to ADA and accessibility compliance, the Kiosk Manufacturer Association is a participating organization in the PCI SSC and participates in CAT- or cardholder-enabled terminals in the unsupervised or supervised self-service environment.

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