Leo Rodgers: Amputee Bike owner Loves Driving With One Leg

Leo Rodgers is a tall, athletic man who lives in the Tampa area. He works in a bike shop and loves to take his bike with him wherever he goes. The special thing about his bike is that it has no pedal or crank arm on the left side. As an amputee with only one leg, his right, Leo doesn’t need anything on his left side anyway. Every day and everywhere he sails elegantly on his bike and leaves every passerby in awe.

Leo lost his leg in a terrible motorcycle accident 13 years ago. He’s always enjoyed the need for speed, and a bit of recklessness in his younger days eventually cost him his leg. After rehabilitating himself and learning to walk with one leg, Leo hugged the bike, which eventually became an extremely important part of this life. Four years ago he started working for City Bike Tampa, a bicycle shop. He has done many rides in the field and has participated in the US Paralympic Track Cycling Open four times and won eight medals.

To learn more about Leo’s fascinating and inspiring story, check out the video below and be sure to check out the source link to find out more about his life and how he gives the two legged people a run for their money!

Source: Bicyling

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