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A disregard complaint has been filed with the City of Williamsport for failing to meet the requirements of the court’s March accessibility decision.

The allegations were brought on July 6 by Judge Matthew Brann of the Central District Court of the Independent Living Center of Central and Northern Pennsylvania, Adapt, Thomas Grieco, Tima Cummings, Jay Harper and Marie Prince.

The group filed a lawsuit against the city in July 2020, claiming the town hall did not meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. A reconciliation was reached in March, and Bran then tabled a consent decree instructing the city to carry out the necessary renovations.

The main allegations of disregard relate to allegations made by the city of not being able to find an accessibility advisor with adequate ADA access qualifications and having a proper renovation work schedule.

Mayor Derek Slaughter declined to comment as the proceedings were still ongoing.

The city has appointed John K. Brezins as a consultant, but the application claims that he does not have the qualifications necessary to ensure the building meets appropriate ADA standards.

“We referred qualified outside experts, but the city never contacted them,” said Mistedion, executive director of the Independent Living Center. “If our attorney intervenes … the city will have an accessibility advisor outside of the joint committee, even though the approval issue had to be a decision of the joint committee. It was. “

Brezan has 25 years of experience as an inspector and code officer. However, the application argues that its experience does not include any specific ADA requirements.

Dion said upgrading a building about 130 years ago without proper ADA specifications means:

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Town hall refurbishment: allegations of insults against Williamsport | In tune with the times

Source Link City Hall Renovation: Allegations of Insults Against Williamsport | In tune with the times

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