Minnesota lawmakers keep away from authorities shutdown as $52B price range signed into regulation

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KEYC) – Minnesota’s COVID-19 recovery budget was officially signed and delivered by Governor Tim Walz on Thursday morning.

It marks the end of long negotiations between a split legislature and the governor over government spending. This was when the Democratic House and the Republican-controlled Senate settled their differences, passed several omnibus laws late into Wednesday evening and avoided a government shutdown.

The special session ends after the Senate finishes the final part of the two-year budget of $ 52 billion.

“Of course we would have liked to have done it a little earlier, but that’s how things work and democracy is moving at its pace and I’m just grateful,” said Walz.

The final signatures provided small businesses affected by the pandemic $ 70 million in relief, nearly $ 600 million in support of the childcare business, and $ 250 million in direct financial support to key people on the front lines of COVID 19 pandemic ready.

“We were able to finance schools and enforce a police reform as part of the public safety bill, which was good,” said MP Luke Fredrick (DFL-Mankato).


“Overall, it was a very good meeting for the whole country, federal funds were very helpful. We have a surplus going forward, ”said Senator Julie Rosen (R-Fairmont).

Including victories in local legislation.

“It’s been a good year for District 23, we fixed the bonding bill for the Vernon Center, and then we addressed some dewatering issues for Madelia, Southbend Township, and Waterville,” said Rosen.

“I am delighted to have funding from the Children’s Museum, which is working with the MRCI here in town and other disability advocates to change the law on some PCA matters and other disability services that I have been able to work on,” said Frederick.

The budget also includes $ 1 billion in tax cuts.

Overall, Democrats and Republics are both claiming victories in this session, with the expansion of reinsurance and $ 35 million aimed at increasing the number of color teachers.

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