MNREGA: Govt strikes to enrol extra individuals with disabilities | Bengaluru Information

BENGALURU: The state government, which in recent years has missed the goal of extending the benefits of the rural employment guarantee system MNREGA to the most needy in society, has started surveys to identify people with disabilities and include them in the program.
On March 3, a guideline was issued to all Zilla Panchayat officers and deputy district commissioners asking them to conduct door-to-door surveys in every village and gram of Panchayat in the state.
In the regulation, the MNREGA Directorate and Rural Development Department and Panchayat Raj (RDPR) noted that despite their intention to include more people in the group, only 13,000 people with disabilities received work under the program in the 2020-21 period . As of March 7th, an incredible 80 lakh with job cards are registered for MNREGA in Karnataka.
The poor inclusion of the disabled in the program has led the government to conduct the surveys on a war basis, offering Gramm Panchayat surveyors a fee of 350 rupees per 50 registrations.
The government is realizing that people with disabilities cannot take up regular work and is considering assigning them tasks such as carrying water, looking after children whose parents work under MNREGA, and keeping daily wage records. In total, the government has listed 145 types of jobs that can be assigned to them based on capacity. You will receive the same salary as other beneficiaries.
Another aim of the surveys is to determine the exact number of rural residents with a disability. Some officials said the data available was not comprehensive. “The polls will also help Gramm Panchayats pay benefits to this population group. They are supposed to spend 5 percent of their resources, “said one official.

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