Monday marks 31 12 months anniversary of the Individuals With Disabilities Act

CHIPEWA FALLS (WQOW) – The Americans With Disabilities Act came into effect 31 years ago.

On Monday, local disability resources officials recognized the implementation of the law but asked people to understand that there are areas of the law that need improvement.

The law prohibits discrimination based on disability in employment, state and local government, public accommodation, commercial establishments, transportation and telecommunications, etc.

Officials at the Chippewa Falls Aging and Disability Resource Center said one of the areas where continued development is needed is employment rights for people with disabilities.

“It is believed that hiring people with disabilities is expensive because you have to make all sorts of adjustments to your systems, you have to change the way your building might be laid out, you might have to offer them special things, if indeed the vast majority of working people with disabilities do not need special arrangements, “said Leslie Fijalkiewicz, director of the Resource Center on Aging and Disabilities in Chippewa County.

Title one of the ADA requires employers with 15 or more employees to offer qualified people with disabilities equal opportunities and access to all employment opportunities. It prohibits discrimination in hiring, hiring, training and paying among other employment opportunities.

On Monday, President Biden announced the opportunity by announcing a new policy adding long-term COVID-19 symptoms that significantly affect your ability to work should be considered a disability under federal law.

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