Net Retailer Offers At Impartial Dwelling Specialists – Mobility Scooters, Incapacity Aids

Now is the best time to buy the equipment you need for your mobility solutions from Independent Living Specialists. The prices for most devices have also been reduced this season. So make the most of what ILS has to offer.

What ILS offers

ILS offers its online customers who buy mobility scooters, walking aids, lifting chairs and many other devices good deals until stocks last. Get these at discounted prices to suit your budget.

Mobility scooter offers

Drive Medical Scout portable mobility scooter

This mobility scooter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Many new features add comfort, style, performance and reliability. Price at $ 1299.99 with a saving of $ 250. It can be purchased with Humm interest-free for 10 14-day payments of $ 129.99 each, or by backpaying 4 14-day payments at $ 325 per installment.

Wheelchair offers

Drive Medical Ultralight portable wheelchair plus carry bag

This strong but lightweight wheelchair is perfect for shopping, day trips or on vacation. Including a carrying case, it can be folded to about 1/3 the size of a normal folded wheelchair for quick transport or storage. Currently at $ 199.99 with a saving of $ 40. Can be purchased with Humm interest-free for 5 14-day payments of $ 33.99 each or postpay for 4 14-day payments of $ 50 per installment.

Walker Deals

This multi-adjustable quad walker was made with a simple height adjustment mechanism including a new light touch lock brake system that folds with the storage bag intact. The modern nylon bag hides stored valuable items. Currently at $ 129.99 with a saving of $ 36. It can be purchased with Humm interest-free for 5 14-day payments of $ 25.99 each or by backpayment for 4 14-day payments at $ 32.50 per installment.

Bed accessories

Overbed table with tiltable splitting table

The Royale Medical Over-Bed Table with Tilting Split Table leads the market in terms of design and features. Its stylish, sturdy presence blends in with any bedroom decor while maintaining its adaptive performance. It’s perfect for holding food, writing, or using electronic devices. The strong U-shaped frame is sturdy and fits easily under the bed. It also has four roles, two of which are lockable.

Currently priced at $ 299.99 with a saving of $ 100. It can be purchased with Humm interest-free for 5 14-day payments of USD 59.99 each or by backpayment for 4 14-day payments at USD 75 per installment.

Oxygen concentrator

Inogen One G5 HF Portable oxygen concentrator with 8-cell battery

The Inogen One G5 Oxygen Concentrator is an efficient and lightweight device that offers variable flow settings from 1 to 6 and is designed for 24-hour use, improving patient independence. The LCDs are easy to read with simple control functions.

Currently priced at $ 4,299.99 with a saving of $ 355. It can be bought from Humm or paid for at no interest for 14-day payments.

Devilbiss 5 liter oxygen concentrator

This product is currently in great demand. Sold with a prescription only, it has stable performance backed by efficiency and simplicity. It is made in the USA with a 14% improvement in sound quality and an improved cooling process. The exclusive turn-down technology unit provides lasting performance and reduces wear on the internal gears to maximize device longevity.

Currently priced at $ 998.99 with a saving of $ 396. It can be purchased with Humm interest-free for 5 14-day payments of USD 199.79 each or by postpayment for 4 14-day payments at USD 249.75 per installment.

Mobility solutions

Mobility is often seen as a problem for people with disabilities, injuries or aging. Different parts of the body are affected, and sometimes mobility solutions can minimize pain and discomfort, although they cannot be cured.

A variety of devices are now available in Australian Independent Living Specialists stores to address customers’ mobility issues. Those affected by immobility do not need to be confined to their homes or rely on caregivers as mobility solutions exist for every type of immobility-related illness.

How to pay at the checkout

(Hurry up! Offers only – while stocks last)

ILS has teamed up with Humms and Afterpay to help online customers get their devices on simple payment terms with no problems.

Products can be ordered by completing the order process on the ILS website and submitting all necessary information such as name, email address and payment details to facilitate the ordering process.

Click on the item you want, proceed to checkout, enter the billing details and place the order to complete the online purchase of the product.

Humms and After Pay accept interest-free 14-day payments. For more information, please contact ILS support at 1300008267 or by email at [email protected]

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