NeuronUP organizes the IV Ibero-American Congress of Neuropsychology

We are very pleased to announce that …NeuronUP organizes together with Neuropsychology Learning the IV. Ibero-American Congress for Neuropsychology will take place on May 27, 28 and 29, 2021!

The Ibero-American Congress for Neuropsychology is an event that arose with the idea of ​​promoting the development of neuropsychology in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. This congress was chaired by Dr. Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla launched. So far, three editions have been held: two in Spain, notably in Bilbao (2016) and Almeria (2018), and the last one in Cali, Colombia (2019).

When does the IV Ibero-American Congress for Neuropsychology take place?

The IV Ibero-American Congress of Neuropsychology will be held on May 27, 28 and 29, 2021.

Where is this fourth edition taking place?

Due to the circumstances, we are currently living with the Covid-19 pandemic, this fourth edition of the Congress will be online. And we assure you that this will not be an obstacle to ensuring the quality of this product, which will be the same or better than the previous ones.

Who are the organizers of the congress?

The IV Ibero-American Congress on Neuropsychology is organized by Learn NeuronUP and Neuropsychology.

Would you like to attend the IV Ibero-American Congress of Neuropsychology?

Here you can send your paper. The deadline for receipt of the documents is December 20, 2020.

What is the program and speakers of the IV Ibero-American Congress on Neuropsychology?

The thematic workshops before the congress will take place on May 27th, while the extensive program with lectures, symposia and posters will be developed on May 28th and 29th.

We will announce the speakers and the program in the next few weeks on the congress website:

Will there be social activities?

Yes, we will endeavor to keep the social part of this congress going. There will be social activities so that participants can participate and have a pleasant time in the company of other colleagues from different countries around the world.

The entire team is preparing a scientific program of international standing, both in the organization of thematic workshops before the congress, which will take place on May 27th. and in the broad program of conferences, symposia and posters being developed on May 28th and 29th.

How were the previous editions?

To date, the previous editions featured approximately 3,240 people from 28 countries, 96 keynote speakers, 24 pre-Congress courses, 168 oral presentations, 30 symposia and 715 posters. The Congress has also carried out various social activities for the pleasure of all of its participants.

Here you can see all information about the programs and speakers from previous editions

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