Newsmakers: Brooklyn Park Talks ADA Compliance, Anniversary 

14:00 clock | Saturday 3rd July 2021

Eleven percent of all Brooklyn Park residents have a disability, be it visible or invisible. As the Americans with Disabilities Act turns 31, Brooklyn Park is reflecting on the accessibility changes they have made in the city and the work that still needs to be done to make it accessible to all.

“The city has done a lot on two major projects,” said Josie Shardlow, Brooklyn Park Community Engagement Manager and ADA coordinator. “One is near our parks and facilities. We rated them to see how approachable they are. We want to comply with the ADA, but also make sure that things are actually accessible to people. “

The city also rates programs, services and events.

Shardlow says the city wants feedback from people.

Shardlow says people can send ADA feedback their own way: [email protected]

“We don’t actually hear that much from people. I’d love to hear more, even if it’s just suggestions, feedback on what we should do more or what works and what doesn’t, ”said Shardlow.

The city will hold an event on July 22nd to let the public know what else it can do.

“It’s a disabled summit and it’s the first time we’ve been doing this in Brooklyn Park,” Shardlow said. “We are very happy about it.”

Shadlow says the city hopes to convene not only all of its residents with disabilities, but also their loved ones, caretakers, and allies. The event will celebrate in part how far the city has come since implementing the ADA and in part hard-core conversations about what needs to happen next in terms of accessibility and inclusion.

People can join through the Zoom platform or attend the event in person at the Community Activity Center. To learn more or to register, click here.

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