Norfolk FBI Broadcasts 2020 Director’s Group Management Award Recipient — FBI

Brian Dugan, Special Agent for the FBI’s Norfolk Field Office, selected Reverend Charles Cheek for the Director of 2020 Community Leadership Award (DCLA). Each year the FBI recognizes nearly 60 people and organizations across the country who have supported law enforcement and helped improve their communities for the DCLA. Reverend Cheek was selected for his dedication to racial unity, education, and the bond between law enforcement and the community. He is a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, distinguished leader, mentor, and advocate for diversity and inclusion.

For several years, Reverend Cheek’s work has overlapped with the FBI’s mission to protect the civil rights of all Americans. He leads Made to Flourish, a national network designed to empower faith leaders, churches and communities, and he jointly supports a monthly pastors’ dialogue on racism, poverty and violence. Reverend Cheek also coordinates a network of allies of local minority-led churches that promote collaboration on solutions for diversity and inclusion. As a result, the FBI’s Civil Rights Division in Norfolk has been engaged in proactive public relations with members of the Pastors’ Dialogue and others to address concerns about local threats and crimes motivated by race, religion, national origin, gender identity, gender, sexual orientation. or disability.

Reverend Cheek’s work includes organizing community blast events where local law enforcement and other organizations share resources with color communities, promoting a reconciliation group for mothers of murdered children, and administering the Hampton Roads Christian Community Development Network, which aims to empower men and women all Background and social status. Reverend Cheek also coordinates the Hampton Roads Works for Life network, which helps fight poverty by preparing the unemployed for work and helping create job opportunities for disadvantaged people.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Reverend Cheek continued his efforts in the community by hosting discussions between law enforcement and violence prevention advocates, providing school supplies to families at risk, and helping agencies provide community service.

Reverend Charles Cheek has made outstanding contributions to the community and many families in Hampton Roads have benefited from his ministry. The Norfolk FBI is grateful for his work.

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