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Speech therapist Marian Alonso García explains how to use it Speech therapy exercises from NeuronUP in treating their patients and how they work with them Online speech therapy.

What is speech therapy? Speech therapy definition

Speech therapy is the discipline that deals with the study, diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention of communication disorders in humans and the functions associated with them.

In a speech therapy office we find a multitude of pathologies in which each patient has their own personal characteristics and the same strategies need not work in similar cases.

Treatment in speech therapy

We speech therapists work with:

  • Orofacial therapy: Dysphagia, facial paralysis, atypical swallowing …
  • Language treatments: Nodules, chord paralysis, edema …
  • Oral and written speech therapy: Speech delay, dyslalia, dyslexia …
  • Cognitive therapy: Stroke, intellectual disability, autism

Speech therapy material

The cases where the resources for work are more sophisticated and personalized have to do with basic learning, language and development, or cognitive and social skills. What costs us the most time is producing or sourcing speech therapy materials and resources that are specifically tailored to the goals we want to achieve with each patient. And that this material is adapted to the age, needs, cognitive level and tastes of each patient.

How does NeuronUP help us? Speech therapy exercises

NeuronUP is a tool that makes our job easier in drafting or sourcing dynamic, updated and eye-catching material for patients. To be able to work through a single program, including attention, memory, language, logic

That said, finding resources to achieve the goal is much easier. As they are digital or paper activities that are specific to each work area. The digital activities are very attractive because they were developed as a game.

Speech therapy online: speech therapy at home

Another benefit of NeuronUP in these times when we had to reinvent ourselves with online sessions is that the patient can manage activities from home i.e. H. Doing speech therapy activities from home.

A session to work with a patient with dyslexia, for example through a screen, can be very difficult as it must be created in a digital format while creating content that is easy to edit and engaging. With this program you can edit texts, words, letters … in a simple way for the patient, but also for us. Regarding NeuronUP during the quarantine, the most commented on us was how well the online sessions were developed and how much time the specialists invested in preparing the sessions and how good they looked.

How do we work

In our office, the working method follows three basic principles for us:

  • evaluation
  • treatment
  • Family involvement

1. Evaluation

Evaluations are carried out at regular intervals to objectively assess the patient’s progress.

2. Treatment: speech therapy for adults and speech therapy for children

The treatment is carried out on one weekly, preferably through face-to-face sessions and in some cases online, where we work on the goals set for each case, using up-to-date and innovative material to make it attractive to both adults and children.

3. Implication

And we use the family commitment to do so generalize learning in daily life, It does not help that the patient is able to resolve his difficulties within the sessions, but that these new insights are still not introduced later at home.

On this last point, we use NeuronUP2GO (Home Sessions) in some cases to design sessions to work at home with a family member so they can help or join the user’s work.

With perseverance and work it will always get better, and we like to use the term “The impossible takes just a little longer” when a new case comes into our practice because it is applicable to every single pathology we are working on.

Marian Alonso Garcia

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Speech Therapy: What It Is, Treatment, and Experience with NeuronUP

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Speech Therapy: What It Is, Treatment, and Experience with NeuronUP


Speech therapist Marian Alonso uses the platform’s speech therapy exercises to explain how you work with NeuronUP.


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