‘Particular measures for polls, however why not for vaccination?’

The growing number of people at COVID-19 vaccination centers worries many, forcing them to postpone their second dose of vaccine, despite having to wait a long time to reserve a spot. Imagine the condition of people with disabilities who have to compete with others to overcome the onslaught of the bump.

Organizations advocating for the rights of people with disabilities said some government vaccination centers lacked accessibility measures, increasing their barriers to accessing health care. “During the elections, vehicles are sent to the homes of voters with disabilities. Volunteers who use wheelchairs are stationed at polling stations. If special measures are taken during the elections, why are they not extended during vaccination? “Asked M. Srinivasulu, President of the Network of Organizations for People with Disabilities.

The 2016 Law on the Right to People with Disabilities provides that the relevant government and local authorities take the necessary measures for people with disabilities to ensure barrier-free access in all parts of state and private hospitals and other health facilities and centers guarantee.

The law lists types of disabilities such as B. physical disabilities, hearing disabilities, visual disabilities, intellectual disabilities and disabilities caused, among other things, by chronic neurological diseases.

Mr Srinivasulu said that access resources differ depending on the type of disability and that just providing ramps and wheelchairs would not ensure accessibility. Taking the example of people with muscular dystrophy, he said they were permanently dependent. “The process would be easy if there was someone to get them at vaccination centers. Or there should be a separate queue for people with disabilities, ”he said.

Aditya Mehta, founder of the Aditya Mehta Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes parasport activities, has asked Prime Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to give priority to people with disabilities when vaccinating against COVID.

He said that people with disabilities need help in their day-to-day work from capable individuals such as assistants and physical therapists. “We ask you to give priority to vaccination against COVID-19 for all people with disabilities in our organization and in Telangana and their assistants,” Mehta asked.

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