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PIP, Universal Credit, and a number of other benefits can help people with certain disabilities. The DWP today called on people with disabilities to express their views on shaping the future of the benefit system.

People with disabilities across the country are encouraged to have a say in shaping the future of the benefit system by responding to the consultation on the Green Paper on Health and Disabilities.

This 12-week online survey ends in two months and the Minister for People with Disabilities, Justin Tomlinson, has made a “rally call” to the public to inform about changes that are making people’s lives better.

Mr. Tomlinson said, “I am really grateful to everyone who has spoken, and I urge everyone who has not to please contribute.

“The responses to the Green Paper consultation will help us create a fairer benefits system that better addresses the needs of people with disabilities and health problems now and in the future.

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“We have identified key areas for change and with your contribution we can make these a reality that have a lasting and significant impact on people’s lives.”

The consultation on the Green Paper on Health and Disability includes changes that, according to the government:

  • Enable independent living and test the advocacy role so that people who need additional help navigating the benefit system can get the right level of support and information the first time.
  • Review how assessments are conducted, including examining the potential for longer-term use of phone and video reviews and how re-assessments work, including testing a new Severe Disability Group (SDG) for people with severe and lifelong illnesses who are will not improve. This could result in a simplified application process for those who meet the criteria without the need for an assessment in order to receive funding.
  • Improving support for disabled people to help them get a job, stay and thrive through the work and health program, access to work and personalization of employment support as one size doesn’t fit all.

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The online survey runs parallel to a series of counseling events with disabled and sick people and their representatives. This includes virtual and in-person events in England, Scotland and Wales.

Following the consultation, detailed proposals are to be presented next year in a white paper on how people can be given the opportunity to take up work and lead a more independent life and what changes the government would like to make to the benefit system.

The survey ends on October 11, 2021.

It is available at the following address: www.getinvolved.dwp.gov.uk/05-policy-group/health-and-disability-green-paper/.

Applicants must also generally have lived in England, Scotland or Wales for at least two of the past three years and be in one of these countries at the time of application.

PIP payments themselves consist of two elements, part of daily life and mobility.

The weekly rate for the daily living portion of PIP is either £ 60.00 or £ 89.60.

Mobility payments will pay out either £ 23.70 or £ 62.55 per week.

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