Police, WA Authorities cannot say what number of West Australians locked out of personal state by G2G coverage

A Perth man with a severe disability is one of countless Western Australians stranded in New South Wales and Queensland as the WA government continues to lock out its own residents to keep the Delta Tribe out of the west.

Peter Allen, who sustained a spinal cord injury in an occupational accident over 20 years ago, is currently stuck in Brisbane after traveling to the state to visit his critically ill sister in hospital.

The 62-year-old traveled from Perth to Brisbane in mid-July but was unable to board his flight home yesterday after his G2G pass was rejected by WA Police.

Peter Allen is stranded in Brisbane after his G2G passport was denied to return to Perth.

Delivered: Peter Allen


He’s currently pending in an apartment in Brisbane, but says he needs to go home to his purpose-built house, which was designed for his disability and which includes a padded shower bench and toilet seat.

“I have this at home in Wembley, we built a purpose built house and we have all the right things in there to keep little things like pressure sores and so on from happening,” said Allen.

“All of these little things add up to fixing a problem that could literally get me to bed for the rest of my life if I got one bad enough.”

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House, job in WA ‘no longer sufficient’

Mr Allen’s case comes as the WA government struggles to stop the virus from entering the state by returning infected travelers home.

People attempting to return to WA from New South Wales now have little chance of being admitted under WA’s hard border unless under extremely compassionate circumstances.

In a request received from the ABC, a man attempting to travel to Esperance from Sydney was told that “residing or working in WA is no longer considered a sufficient compassionate reason.”

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Approval is only given in the event of end of life, childbirth or similar extenuating circumstances, but not for participation in funerals and weddings.

The situation with people trying to return from Queensland is currently less clear.

The ABC has heard reports of people running the gauntlet of arriving in Perth without a G2G passport and being admitted despite being denied entry or facing a fine.

Like many who have contacted the ABC, Mr Allen said he fully understood the challenge the WA police faced in trying to protect the state, but Western Australians on the freeway became treated “very roughly” by the G2G process.

“There is no one on the police side you can speak to physically,” Allen said.

“They tick the obvious boxes and expect to get a passport and then they literally push you back or cancel for not giving them enough information.

“They don’t tell you the information that you lack.

“And I’m not even sure if you know yourself.

“I think they probably have certain criteria for people they want to allow to go back to WA, and most of that are politicians and stuff.”

Police minister rejects an interview on the G2G system

Neither the WA Police Department nor the Police Minister were available for an interview on concerns about the effectiveness of the G2G passport system.

State opposition leader Mia Davies said local MPs have received requests for help from desperate Western Australians unable to return home and the system needs to be overhauled.

“There has to be a process where people can escalate their problems, they feel stranded and lost,” she said.

“People understand that circumstances are changing, but they’ll have to go somewhere with this complaint if they don’t get a response from the police or those who manage the G2G process.”

The ABC’s request for numbers on the number of G2G passports approved and denied since the Sydney outbreak began has been denied.

WA Prime Minister Mark McGowan said he did not know the numbers or the reason WA police would not provide them.

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