Prime New Mobility Gear At Impartial Dwelling Specialists – Mobility Scooters, Incapacity Aids

Independent Living Specialists have introduced new mobility and health products to help their customers live safe and carefree lives during these troubled times.

Home care and mobility devices

The ability to travel and live happy, independent lives plays an important role in a person’s mental well-being and overall quality of life. Using the right home care and mobility equipment can turn everyday activities into a stress-free routine without having to rely on someone else.

Home care and mobility devices have become a necessity with the growing aging population. Wheelchairs, scooters, oxygen treatment devices, accessible beds, toilets, and bathing aids are some of the devices that are constantly being used as a home care option by many people.

Sometimes homes need to be redesigned to adapt to the needs of the elderly or immobile. Independent Living Specialists have the equipment necessary to meet the mobility needs of their clients’ individual needs.

Tools for everyday life

We are COVID-19 safe in all stores!

All ILS branches, which are active with their dedicated employees all over Australia, are well renovated and very safe. Excellent precautions are taken to protect customers and devices from the spread of COVID-19. Online shopping is highly recommended to avoid outdoor travel and to ensure health care safety. ILS has a sales network of over 50 employees working 24/7 to ensure online purchases are delivered on time.

Top new products at ILS

Inogen G5, Alperton Lift Chair, Pride 150 XL, Go Go Lx Scooter Battery, and Hoist-Scaleo Premium Poweo Electric Tilting Frame are some of the best new home care products introduced by Independent Living Specialists.


Price $


Inogen G5 portable oxygen concentrator 4950.99 It is a lightweight and efficient device designed to be used 24 hours a day to improve a patient’s independence. The user interface has an easy-to-read LCD and simple control functions.
Alperton Lift Chair 2899.99 An intelligent and compact double motor lift chair with separate headrest, legrest and lumbar function, footrest extension, steel seat box, locking button for closing, hand stick with USB connection and battery support.
Pride 150 XL Turbo Mobility Scooter with 100AH ​​batteries 9,995.99 This is a strong and durable mobility scooter that has everything needed for an outdoor transport unit. The Turbo Mobility Scooter with front and rear suspension is suitable for driving on hiking trails or near private property. The full LED lighting supports full visibility and additional safety through a user-friendly console and two hydraulic brakes. It’s the perfect choice for enjoying life in the great outdoors.
Hoist-Scaleo Premium Poweo 300 kg and Electric Tilt Pivot Frame Lithium 16,995.99 This product was made for bariatric care. All types of transfers are allowed in hospital settings to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

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