Quartet of latest honorary members reveal dedication to organized dentistry

June 25, 2021

The Board of Trustees awarded honorary membership of the ADA to four personalities who have made a contribution to the advancement of the art and science of dentistry.

In May, Fred Leviton, President and CEO of Dental Lifeline Network; Stephen O’Loughlin, ADA Ambassador; Jerry Bowman, ADA chief executive officer for governance and strategy management; and Richard Stevens, executive director of the West Virginia Dental Association; were approved by the Board of Trustees for honorary membership in the association.

Honorary membership can be granted to dentists who do not have an active, lifelong or retired membership in the association or to persons outside the dental profession. Current tripartite employees who have had at least 20 years of service and have made outstanding contributions to the profession beyond expectations may be nominated at a time coinciding with their retirement.

Fred Leviton

Mr. Leviton

Mr. Leviton will retire in late 2021 after 45 years with Dental Lifeline Network, which provides free, comprehensive dental care to people with disabilities or the elderly or the medically frail under its Donated Dental Services program.

Mr Leviton said the network’s signature program will celebrate a milestone later this year along with the 15,000 dentists and 3,500 volunteer laboratories who are volunteering.

“Since we launched the first Donated Dental Services program in 1985, the organization has reached more than $ 500 million in treatment through thousands of great volunteer dentists and laboratories,” he said. “That’s half a billion dollars to provide basic services to 175,000 people with special needs.”

As for retirement, Mr. Levitob simply decided it was time. He considered ending his term last year but died thinking that his successor would face a “hornet’s nest” due to the challenges of the pandemic.

“This honorary membership, which recognizes my services, is so humbling, and I appreciate the friendship of so many dental leaders for whom I have the greatest respect,” said Mr. Leviton.

Frank Maggio, DDS, a former ADA trustee, commended Mr. Leviton in his nomination letter and praised the many ADA members who are part of the network.

“As you can see from the work of the Dental Lifeline Network, there is no doubt that Fred’s commitment to caring for people in need is amazing,” said Dr. Maggio. “He managed to get many different groups in our profession to join forces in order to achieve a lot for many. At the end of the day I can’t think of anyone who deserves an honorary membership in the ADA than Fred J. Leviton. “

Stephen O’Loughlin

Stephen O'Loughlin
Mr. O’Loughlin

Mr. O’Loughlin, a retired mechanical engineer, served as ADA’s ambassador for executives and their families during the 12-year tenure of his wife, ADA Managing Director Kathleen O’Loughlin, DMD. She will retire later this year.

By participating in many board activities and welcoming trustees and their spouses at all times as they stepped on and off the board, Mr. O’Loughlin has publicly supported the association in all of its endeavors, from advocacy to the alliance of the ADA said Judith M. Fisch, DDS, former ADA trustee in her nomination letter.

Mr. O’Loughlin was humble when asked about the honor.

“I tried not to embarrass anyone,” he joked about his role.

G. Lewis (Lew) Mitchell, Jr., DMD, former ADA Vice President, said in his nomination letter that Mr. O’Loughlin’s commitment to ADA is profound and worthy of recognition, a symbol of the support that the family members provide dentists.

“Spouses of the members of the ADA board of trustees contribute so much to the work and performance of an ADA board of directors,” said Dr. Mitchell. “Their role is that of selfless servants who [from] support and accompany their spouses behind the scenes. Mr. Steve O’Loughlin is the perfect role model and example of spousal support. While most ADA spouses have selflessly performed this role for four years, Steve has been omnipresent to our ADA CEO for 12 years. “

Mr O’Loughlin said he and his wife plan to move to Maine when she officially retires and take a pandemic-postponed trip to Europe with friends next year.

Richard D. Stevens

Photo by Richard Stevens, executive director of the West Virginia Dental Association
Mr. Stevens

Mr. Stevens is 47 years old as the Executive Director of the West Virginia Dental Association and Honorary Membership is the latest award to come.

“I was very pleasantly surprised and humiliated,” said Stevens, who will turn 79 in November. “The ADA has meant a lot to me over the years.”

As an executive director, chief lobbyist, operations officer, training director and instructor, recruiter and mentor, Stevens was the only executive director that many West Virginia dentists have known. Together with the 47 association presidents he has held, he has long been the face of the organization.

The Alumni Association of the West Virginia University School of Dentistry presented Mr. Stevens with the 1998 Award of Commendation for outstanding service to dentistry, dental education, and numerous contributions to the state. In recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions to the dental profession and in recognition of outstanding contributions to oral science, he was made an honorary member of the International College of Dentists and is an honorary member of the Alpha Beta Chapter of West Virginia University of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, the national honorary dental society.

David Whiston, DDS, past president of ADA and the ADA Foundation, wrote in his nomination letter that Mr. Stevens’ greatest contributions to the profession and the public are driven by his extensive mentoring activities.

“He was respected and recognized for these activities in his state capital and at all levels of organized dentistry,” wrote Dr. Whiston. “And since he has been officially celebrated over the years, he is also remembered for gently and gently supporting and encouraging those who interact with him along the way.”

Jerry Bowman

Jerry Bowman
Mr. Bowman

Mr. Bowman will step down from his role as director of governance and strategy management for ADA in August after joining the association in 2003.

Being worthy of honorary membership is something he values ​​very much, said Mr. Bowman.

“I really appreciate the trust that the Board of Trustees has placed in me,” he said.

The current work of Mr. Bowman focuses on the business of the Board of Trustees and the House of Delegates in addition to special tasks.

Prior to this position, Mr. Bowman was Public Affairs Counsel in the ADA Department of State Government Affairs, where his work focused on the state’s public affairs program and regulatory affairs. Previously, Mr. Bowman was Associate General Counsel in the ADA Legal Affairs Department and advisor to the Scientific and Government Affairs Departments and the ADA Council on Dental Practice.

Prior to joining ADA, Mr. Bowman was a partner in a major Chicago law firm.

Cesar Sabates, DDS, ADA President-elect, wrote in his nomination letter that he has known Mr. Bowman for six years.

“Before joining the board, I was told that if you want to know how to successfully implement a resolution from start to finish, please contact Jerry Bowman,” said Dr. Sabates.

Dr. Daniel Klemmedson, DDS, MD, ADA President, echoed Dr. Sabates.

“Mr. Bowman was an integral part of what made the ADA so effective,” said Dr. Klemmedson. “He understands the needs of processes in a complex organization, but he also recognized and enabled the unique culture of a member-centric organization it thrives. “

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