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Naturopaths have recommended the use of green foods to improve the treatment of diseases such as asthma candida lupus and HIV.

Alfalfa is one of the most mineral-rich foods in the world and contains all known vitamins, chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Seaweed is a seaweed that is common in Asian foods. It is high in B vitamins and iodine, so it has been used to treat certain thyroid disorders.

Main digestion

We’ve always heard that we need to eat our greens, but we are just discovering how important the health benefits of green foods are to our lives.

The green color of green foods comes from the phytochemical chlorophyll, which in plants corresponds to the oxygen-carrying red pigment hemoglobin in our red blood cells. Chlorophyll has been shown to have beneficial effects on cholesterol, blood pressure, immune response, and cancer prevention. Chlorophyll inhibits bacteria that cause disease, bad breath, and internal odors.

Naturopaths have recommended the use of green foods to improve the treatment of diseases such as asthma, candida, lupus, HIV, and many others.

  • One pound of wheatgrass or one pound of barley grass is more nutritious than 25 pounds of organic vegetables.
  • Blue-green algae, ie spirulina, contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and protein that are more than the equivalent weight of meat or soybeans.
  • Alfalfa contains all known vitamins and is one of the most mineral-rich foods in the world!

The phyto-nutrients in green foods are filled with valuable antioxidants. Green foods made from fruit and vegetable extracts found in capsules, tablets, waffles, or powders can be the nutritional equivalent of consuming all the fruits and vegetables we should be eating every day, but not because of our fast-paced and processed fast food. Lifestyle. These green supplement foods are higher in nutrient density, meaning one ounce of these concentrated green supplement foods contains far more of the beneficial phytonutrients found in one ounce of green vegetables. In addition to vitamins, minerals, and proteins, green foods are also full of antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, coenzymes, and fiber.

Studies have shown that green foods in concentrated supplement form eliminate toxins such as heavy metals and increase levels of good bacteria such as lactobacilli, which are essential for good digestion and elimination. The oxygen-carrying ability of green foods is extremely effective in digesting foods for vital nutrients and preventing fungal growth in passages through the intestines that can cause a candida condition. Oxygen distribution and the improvement of the quality of green foods are vital for the cellular function of muscles, organs and the health of the brain.

Green foods also contain lutein, an antioxidant found in high concentrations in the macula, an eye tissue. The macula helps the brain tell what the eye is seeing and is responsible for central vision that enables us to generally drive, read, and see clearly. Lutein also helps reduce the macular degeneration and cataract development that accompany our aging.

Additionally, green foods have been found to aid cell metabolism and, due to their high alkali content, help neutralize excess acid that leads to acid reflux and general acidity associated with our processed fast food diets. Green foods, with their high enzyme and coenzyme content, improve the digestive process and health, as well as the absorption of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Green foods improve the health and appearance of your skin, hair, and nails, and delay the natural effects of aging.

The picture shows a variety of green colored foods combined in a salad. A splash of water over the food highlights the image.


Chlorella is a green food that is a complete food in and of itself. Chlorella contains enormous amounts of chlorophyll and protein as well as a high content of B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, amino acids and rare trace elements. Chlorella has more B12 than an equal serving of liver. Its high levels of RNA and DNA are believed to fight the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Chlorella is a powerful antioxidant that lowers high blood pressure, lowers harmful cholesterol, speeds wound healing, and improves our immune system.

Chlorella from green foods, in supplement form, has been shown to help relieve pain in fibromyalgia, blood pressure and blood fat in high blood pressure, and to cure and relieve pain in ulcerative colitis. Chlorella was found to help prevent tumors from growing because of its glycoproteins, which promote the migration of T cells to tumor sites. Chlorella binds to heavy metals and dioxin and helps remove them from the body.


Spirulina is one of the most famous green foods. Spirulina contains gamma-linolenic acid, linoleic acid and arachidonic acid, vitamin B12, essential amino acids, nucleic acids RNA and DNA, chlorophyll and phycocyanin. Spirulina has been found to boost our immune system, lower cholesterol, and improve mineral absorption. Because of its high nutrient and protein content, spirulina is particularly helpful for people with hypoglycemia.

Spirulina has been used to aid in the treatment of cancer and HIV because it aids in the absorption of nutrients and strengthens the immune system. Sprulina has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, lowers blood pressure, helps control symptoms of ulcerative colitis and helps digestion, protects the liver from toxins, e.g. B. Heavy metals, and reduces allergies. Spirulina and other blue-green algae are rich in essential fatty acids, phenolic antioxidants, chlorophyll, B vitamins, carotenoids, and minerals such as calcium iron, magnesium magan, potassium and zinc.


Seaweed is also a well-known green food. Seaweed is a seaweed that is common in Asian foods. It is high in B vitamins and iodine, so it has been used to treat certain thyroid disorders. It has been found that poor thyroid function is a major contributor to weight gain and obesity. Seaweed is also believed to be beneficial for brain tissues and membranes, sensory nerves, spinal cord tissue, and blood vessels. The high iodine content in seaweed has led to the use of seaweed to combat the effects of radiation.


Wheatgrass contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. People have reported seeing significant increases in energy after ingesting wheatgrass. It has been used as an important part of the treatment of diseases such as cancer, immunological disorders, and mental disorders. Before World War II, a tablet made from wheatgrass and barley grass was used as a common vitamin supplement, especially throughout the Midwest of our country. Barley grass contains all the essential amino acids, chlorophyll, flavonoids, vitamin B 12, vitamin C, minerals and enzymes. Barley grass was most commonly used to treat gastrointestinal disorders and as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Alfalfa contains all the known vitamins, chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. The mineral content is in a naturally balanced form, resulting in natural maximum absorption. Alfalfa has been used to treat arthritis, anemia, bleeding gums, and even cancer.

For optimal health, we need to provide our body with the best possible nutrients to promote and maintain the well-being and function of cells. Green foods are an excellent form of these best possible nutrients that help us live well and long.

Green food supplements

Green foods consumed in supplement form in concentrated form via capsules or tablets are a very convenient and important way to ensure that we are getting the health benefits of these nutrient-rich natural plants. Powdered green foods can be added to juices, blended or blended, added to cooking, or combined with powdered fruit or protein for energy, help with weight loss, or to improve overall health naturally.

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