Riverside County courthouses reopening with out restrictions to completely vaccinated individuals – Press Enterprise

Individuals fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus will be able to re-enter the Riverside County courthouse without restrictions starting Tuesday, July 6th.

The change will be based on an honor system.

Visitors are not required to provide proof of vaccination, said Marita Ford, a court spokeswoman. You don’t have to wear masks.

Anyone who is not fully vaccinated can still enter but must wear a mask that covers their nose, mouth and chin, officials said. Children under 2 years of age are exempt from the court order.

Individuals seeking an exemption from the Americans with Disabilities Act order can contact the court’s ADA coordinator at riverside.courts.ca.gov/GeneralInfo/ADA/ADA.php.

Six feet of social distancing is no longer required.

Previously, everyone was required to wear a mask and access was restricted to those with legal business unless they requested permission from a judge to attend a hearing.

The courthouses will also reopen for personal services on Tuesday. Remote alternatives such as telephone, web chat, online submission of documents via the eSubmit Document Submission Portal, electronic submission of civil documents, US mail or Dropbox are still available.

The public opening times remain from 7.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. due to a lack of staff.

The proceedings will continue to be broadcast live, with the exception of confidential cases.

Video charges in custody will be broadcast back to the local courthouse from the Banning Justice Center on July 19.

Masks and social distancing are still required in San Bernardino County. No date has been announced for a change.

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