Some concern election legislation modifications in Wisconsin ‘will lead to…hurdles for folks with disabilities to vote’ | Elections

One of the bills put up for congregation approval would require most elderly and disabled people incarcerated indefinitely to produce photo identification in order to vote by postal vote; demand that all postal votes fill out more papers and show their ID with each postal vote, and not just the first time, as is the law; and require voters who only have to submit one application to receive a postal vote each year instead of being automatically sent out as they are today.

Another bill would prohibit local election officials from filling in missing voter information on the postal voting slip, which also doubles as the envelope that voters use to return ballots.

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Trump tried to disqualify around 5,500 postal ballot papers in the democratic circles of Dane and Milwaukee, in which election officials filled out missing address information on certification envelopes.

Representative Greta Neubauer


State MP Greta Neubauer, D-Racine, said of the draft laws on the governor’s desk: “This is part of a national party program that threatens to make it difficult for voters to participate in our democracy. Disability rights advocates, religious leaders, and business leaders across Wisconsin have made it clear that these anti-electoral policies have no place in our state. “

Employees had completed missing certificate envelope information for a dozen elections prior to the November election, based in part on instructions from the Wisconsin Electoral Commission. After Trump lost, Republicans questioned the legality of the practice because state law doesn’t specifically allow it, although state law doesn’t specifically prohibit it either.

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