Studying with COVID-19: on-line neuropsychology


The San Lorenzo Comprehensive Center shares their experience of performing online neuropsychology treatment during COVID-19.

The San Lorenzo Comprehensive Center has a multidisciplinary team working in different areas of speech therapy as well as psychology and neuropsychology. We are professionals with more than 15 years of experience treating patients with different pathologies, both in person and online. We work multidisciplinary and holistically with the developmental, behavioral or emotional difficulties of children and adolescents.

We work with a diverse population in childhood and adolescence with various disorders such as, Developmental delay, language difficulties, Children with ASD, Children with ADHD, Children with high skills or behavioral or emotional symptoms.

All children who come to our center are examined and diagnosed by our team of professionals in order to make an appropriate diagnosis for each case. We propose a treatment adapted to your personal and family needs.

Times of change

On March 13, 2020, in light of the news that made us suspicious of the impending remission of the alarm condition, we started planning for those patients who could benefit from continuing online treatment.

To this end, we developed a new approach to our treatments that until then we had only used with children in exceptional cases such as hospitalization or isolation at home. We thought that, just like on these previous special occasions, we had worked with children through video conferencing and apps with good results, that we could do the same with all of our children in order to be able to continue the work developed during the last few months the clinic.

At this time, which was so difficult for all of us, we began to consult the parents of children who might benefit from online treatment to find out their concerns about this, and the response was crucial in starting this new phase. So in a few days we made online therapy sessions for neuropsychology.


Our planning with each patient was made based on the goals set in their previous intervention program. With these goals in mind, working with children in leadership positions has been a priority for most programs. To this end, we have NeuronUP as one of the tools for our patients.

Treatment planning in the weeks of delivery was carried out, including NeuronUP application exercises as part of the program. On the other hand, in the online sessions we started working on various aspects of their treatment program.

In the two months that we have been working online, we have made important efforts to coordinate various professionals of the facility involved in treating patients through online meetings to highlight the need for disciplinary coordination.


The results we found in the consultation at the beginning of the face-to-face sessions are interesting and we thought it was important to share them with other professionals.

Positive development of children with online treatment in neuropsychology

Those children who have followed treatment through teletherapy platforms and apps during delivery show an evolution within what is expected in their treatment, with virtually no differences in terms of personal treatment.

Stagnation or loss of competence in children without online treatment in neuropsychology

However, children who did not follow treatment telematically and with app during delivery are at the same point of their rehabilitation as before quarantine, or in some cases there is a loss of skills that have not yet been consolidated.

For all these reasons, we believe that the quarantine of COVID-19 served as a learning experience to understand that the support in teletherapy platforms and app B. NeuronUP in situations in which patients cannot follow a treatment in the clinic is a decisive factor for a positive development of the rehabilitation.

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