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BENTON COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – An Oregon school district headmaster struggled after being called in a letter from Governor Kate Brown to the state school districts and principals.

On Tuesday, Governor Brown wrote a letter urging school districts not to jeopardize a personal return to school by resisting their masking order.

Since Brown announced a mask mandate would go into effect when students return to school in the fall, it has been pushed back by some counties. On Tuesday, she urged the counties to stop this type of behavior.

She even spoke to a particular headmaster without naming him.

Superintendent says he didn't encourage parents to get ADA accommodations

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“I know of a district manager who sent a letter to the parents asking them to apply for accommodation for their child under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to avoid masking requirements. I find it deeply appalling that any education leader – who is supposed to be an example to our students – would send such a callous and offensive message to Oregon parents and children with disabilities, “Brown wrote.

This section of the letter was addressed to Superintendent Marc Thielman of the Alsea School District.

“I’m one of those parents and I want the whole world to know that I have a beautiful daughter, Molly, I’m sorry I’m getting emotional, she’s severely disabled, including autism, cerebral palsy, she can’t be for kick yourself in. ” said Thielmann.

Thielman wrote a letter to let parents know of their options after saying that nearly 100 parents threatened to take their children out of school.

“I have made it very clear in my correspondence that the governor has the authority to do so under the law. We will enforce this mandate. I don’t know how I can support Governor Brown any more, ”he said.

Thielman also said that all adjustments are not guaranteed by Section 504 of the ADA and that if one is made, other measures will be taken to contain COVID-19.

“I am a little shocked that I am doing everything in my power here to support Governor Brown and to enforce this mandate and to inform parents of options and to speak with individual families about whether we are making safe mask arrangements can or not. “so that the child can come to school and learn instead of doing something inferior,” said Thielman.

He said it was a small number of parents who applied for ADA accommodations and these are decided on a case-by-case basis.

FOX 12 reached out to Governor Brown’s office to see if she had a response to Thielman’s comments, but heard no response.

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