Susan B. Parker from Greenland, NH named to Pease improvement board

PORTSMOUTH – Susan Parker of Greenland is the newest member of the Pease Development Authority’s Board of Directors, replacing Peter Loughlin of Portsmouth who served as Director for 31 years.

The change is due to the legislation in 2019, which changed the composition of the members of the PDA board so that representatives from Greenland are also represented for the first time.

The former Portsmouth-Newington joint seat held by Loughlin is now a Greenland-Newington joint seat due to concerns that Greenland is affected by traffic in and out of the commercial port and other issues but has no voice on the PDA.

“After 31 years, I was pretty much ready to complete my PDA career,” said Loughlin. “Nobody is indispensable, and it is always helpful to have new ideas on a board of directors or an organization.”

Parker’s appointment was announced in a joint press release from the cities of Greenland and Newington. She notes that “with a wealth of training and experience, she will get into the position that will not only serve the cities well, but will also increase the depth of experience of the PDA The Board of Directors.”

Kevin Smith, chairman of the PDA, thanked Loughlin in a statement and welcomed Parker.

“To say Peter’s experience and institutional knowledge will be lacking on the PDA board is an understatement,” said Smith. “He has been invaluable in providing sound guidance and careful analysis over the years to the board and staff. I will certainly miss having him by my side as Vice Chairman. At the same time, I welcome Susan’s appointment to the board. Given her background, I think she will undoubtedly make many positive contributions during her service. “

Peter Loughlin is leaving the Pease Development Authority board after serving 31 years.

The PDA monitors Pease International Tradeport, which includes business and trading companies, and Portsmouth International Airport.

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Susan Parker’s experience

Parker’s background includes serving as Secretary General of Rehabilitation International, founded in 1922 as a global organization of people with disabilities, service providers, government agencies, academics, researchers and advocates working to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

She has been there for almost 10 years since 1993 and in her current retirement she continues to volunteer on the board.

Other experiences include serving as disability commissioner at the US Social Security Agency from 1989 to 1993 and director of policy and development for the US Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy from 2002 to 2011.

She holds a BS in English and French from the University of Vermont, an MS in social work and psychology from Boston College, and a certification in mental health management from Harvard University.

Her understanding of government and her experience in other roles have taught her the value of public-private partnerships.

“I think it fits well,” she said. “I don’t see the government as a great leviathan, but as something to work on.”

She said she will seek to use what she calls “knowledge, skills and abilities” in her retirement to serve on several boards in addition to volunteering for Rehabilitation International, including the US Council on Disabilities. She said she also had an active interest in the history of early New Hampshire.

Your first meeting as the newest board member would be the regular monthly meeting scheduled for May 20th.

The joint statement by Greenland and Newington said: “Parker will work to ensure that the PDA continues to be an economic engine for the Seacoast region of New Hampshire, attracting jobs and industry. It will also help address common Newington and Greenland concerns, including preventing pollution, taking action to protect the environment from all environmental hazards, monitoring and ensuring the safety of our drinking water, and reducing noise and traffic problems in the region through smart growth and development takes regional effects into account. “

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Parker’s charge from the two cities is something she would like to carry out when she takes on her new role. She cited traffic in Greenland in recent years, particularly on Route 33, “after it had become much more numerous. There is no doubt that something needs to be done there. “

Legislation to give Greenland a vote on the PDA was proposed by Senator Richard Sherman and former Senator Martha Fuller Clark and went into effect on April 30th.

Who is on the board of the Pease Development Authority?

There are seven PDA Directors: the Chairman is appointed by the Governor and Executive Board, currently Smith, Londonderry City Administrator; one member is appointed by Portsmouth Mayor and Councilor Erik Anderson; one member is appointed by Newington Selectmen, Peggy Lamson; one member is appointed by NH Senate President Neil Levesque; one member is appointed by NH House Speaker Robert Allard; One member is appointed by the Strafford County Legislative Delegation, Steven Fournier of Dover, Newmarket City Administrator. With the new change, one member is jointly appointed by the cities of Greenland and Newington, Parker.

Loughlin’s last meeting was the April 15 monthly meeting, which he missed (one of only three he had missed in all of his time on the board) because his wife was seriously ill. Nancy Loughlin died on April 22nd.

Smith hopes to see Loughlin again for a board meeting in the near future to officially thank him for his years of service with the PDA.

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