Tens of millions Awarded To Broaden Entry To Incapacity Housing

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development sends funds to public housing authorities and other organizations to help people with disabilities gain access to affordable housing in the community. (Thinkstock)

With two new initiatives, federal officials are giving away millions of dollars to improve housing for people with disabilities.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that it is providing public housing authorities in more than three dozen states with $ 86.85 million in so-called mainstream funding vouchers.

The vouchers are marked for non-elderly people with disabilities affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Separately, HUD said it is providing $ 54.7 million to 15 organizations in 12 states and Washington, DC to help fund the development of more rental homes for people with disabilities and provide rental assistance.

The organizations will use the funds to “create permanent supportive housing models that pioneer the design, delivery of services and the efficient use of federal resources,” said HUD. The agency said the idea is to provide long-term housing security and facilitate integration into the community.

“These awards reaffirm our commitment to expanding the supply of affordable rental housing for people with disabilities,” said Dana Wade, Assistant Secretary for Housing and Federal Commissioner for Housing at HUD. “The development of new rental apartments and subsidies for residents will expand their opportunities to live independently in the community in a more integrated environment.”

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