The Arc drops vaccine lawsuit towards Garrett County | Information

OAKLAND – Three days after multiple counties were filed, The Arc Maryland has withdrawn its lawsuit against Garrett County.

The Arc Maryland dismissed its lawsuits against Garrett County and Baltimore City Thursday after both jurisdictions outlined measures to combat COVID-19 vaccination options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“In January of this year, when the vaccine was first made available, the Garrett County Health Department campaigned aggressively to protect this specific population and worked with partners in the community to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities were vaccinated were “, according to a press of the district approval status. “Since March last year … the Garrett County Health Department, Garrett County Government, and local emergency services have been working directly with the Maryland Department of Social Services and Appalachian Crossroads to host vulnerable populations.”

On Monday evening, The Arc Maryland announced that they are suing Garrett County, Baltimore City and Carroll counties, Queen Anne, Somerset and Talbot of discriminating against people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by denying them the opportunity to respond to COVID- Access 19 vaccines.

Late Thursday, The Arc dismissed its injunction against Baltimore City and Garrett Counties.

“Baltimore City and Garrett County have taken steps to address our complaint. They have worked quickly and in good faith,” said Ande Kolp, general manager of The Arc Maryland.

Kolp said there have been positive movements with other jurisdictions named in the lawsuit and it is expected that layoffs for Somerset and Queen Anne counties can be filed on Friday.

Attorneys for The Arc Maryland, including Disability Rights Maryland, Brown & Barron, and Arc of the United States, noted that their communications with the jurisdictions were positive.

Megan Rusciano, a disability rights attorney in Maryland, added, “We understand that employees, especially in local health departments, have worked tirelessly to protect our citizens. We applaud the quick corrective actions and the publicity efforts that have been made in some countries. However, it is important that no one is left out and that anyone with I / DD is told that they are not authorized. “

The Arc Maryland is represented in the lawsuit by Disability Rights Maryland, The Arc of the United States, and the law firm Brown & Barron.

The Arc Maryland is a subsidiary of The Arc of the United States. The Arc Maryland has 10 local partner chapters across Maryland. The closest is The Arc of Washington County, which also represents Garrett and Allegany counties.

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