The Chadwick Elevate Chair Assortment

A lift chair is viewed as a type of medical device that benefits those who find it difficult to move from a seated to a standing position due to limited mobility or problems related to balancing. It is equipped with a strong lifting system that tilts the base and back of the chair forward, helping the user to get into a standing position. It is operated via a push button remote control and is available in a variety of sizes to suit customer requirements and can also be customized to meet their specific needs.

The optional heat and massage features of this device provide healing benefits for those with stiff and sore joints, arthritis, and various other bone-related problems. It is the best solution for those who need to keep their feet up while sleeping or sitting. Most people prefer to sleep in their lift chair as there are several positions available. Many models can be reclined in a flat position or adjusted for user comfort.

Advantages of lifting chairs

Lift chairs have proven beneficial to both the user and the caregiver. Moving a patient is one of the most onerous and difficult tasks a caregiver has as it helps to bring the patient into a standing position with ease while reducing the risk of injury to both sides. Reducing the risk of injury is the main benefit of a lift chair as a person can stand alone or try to stand with assistance.

Using a lift chair increases a person’s independence and increases mobility. It has lifting and lying positions, as well as options for heat and massage if required. Those who need a reduction in excess fluid build-up could take advantage of the reclining position. It also improves posture by providing multiple seating positions. All positions can be set at the push of a button.

Research has shown that using a lift chair reduces pain, increases comfort, and helps maintain muscle tone when there is little wear and tear and deterioration in the skeletal joint.

The Chadwick Collection

Independent Living Specialists has added three of the top Chadwick branded lift chairs to its mobility device product list. The Royale Chadwick Fabric Soft Touch Lift Chair, the Royale Chadwick Oxford Plush Leather Lift Chair (Italian) and the Royale Chadwick Leather Lift Chair quad motor with head and power lumbar spine are available across Australia.

Royale Chadwick Fabric Soft Touch Quad Motor Lifting Chair with Head and Electric Lumbar Spine

This is a lifting chair available exclusively from ILS. In this most advanced Chadwick lift chair, the user is responsible for their comfort. The special quad-motor technology enables the headrest, lumbar spine, backrest and footrest to be adjusted completely independently. The Chadwick collection is known for its modern and chic design and offers lasting satisfaction and comfort.


Features include the choice of 3 types of material in a range of colors, using the best quality multi-layer foam for durability and maximum comfort. The quad motors are programmed in such a way that the headrest, lumbar spine, backrest and footrest can be adjusted independently of one another to the requirements of the user. The unique home button allows the chair to return to its neutral position, eliminating the need for multiple surgeries. Electrical devices can be charged using the USB hand control.

Royale Chadwick Oxford Plush Leather (Italian) Quad Motor Lift Chair with Head & Power Lumbar Spine

Another product exclusively available from ILS, made from Italian leather, with the same features and specifications as the previous lifting chair

Chadwick Oxford leather armchair

Royale Chadwick Leather Quad Motor Lift Chair with Head & Power Lumbar Spine

This Chadwick lift chair is also like the other two lift chairs. In addition, those affected by kyphosis and lordosis benefit clinically from the integrated adjustments to the headrest and lumbar support.

Chadwick leather armchair

Details of the purchase

These products can be purchased on an interest-free basis either through Humms or Afterpay.

Expenses could be paid for every two weeks with quick approval for purchase. Simply add the product to the shopping cart, select the payment method, create your account and your purchase is ready for delivery. Online shoppers could have their purchase delivered to their doorstep across Australia.

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