three suggestions from The Nora Venture to enhance disability range amongst workforces

My three tips for employers looking to improve the diversity of disabilities in their workforce:

  1. Take action to create a culture and environment in which disability is treated as a valuable form of human diversity. Set goals and metrics for hiring the disabled, filling projects, and getting promoted. Report on them. Support employee resource groups addressing disability issues and provide community and support for disabled employees and their corporate allies. Celebrate the pride and support of people with disabilities who promote the rights, access, and inclusion of people with disabilities in the communities you serve. Everyone wants to work in a place where their identity is recognized and confirmed.
  2. Prioritize accessibility. Not just physical accessibility, which goes without saying, but also accessibility in terms of flexibility in assigning and performing work, disseminating and communicating information, planning and conducting meetings. Offer materials in various formats with audio or video support in plain text. Make sure virtual meetings are subtitled, saved, and accessible for reference. Be open to creative, unconventional approaches that match an individual’s strengths. Make it a standard practice to ask employees how they work best and use their responses as they manage their work day.
  3. Create mentoring programs This couple connects disabled employees with other disabled employees who can show them the ropes, answer their questions, and understand their frustrations and challenges in everyday life. We are all familiar with research on the importance of mentoring programs for women and minority employees. It also works for disabled Folx.

– Lauren Schrero is the Executive Director of the Nora Project, an organization that provides teachers with education and curricula for the disabled to help them build inclusive classrooms.

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