Tucson Opinion: Assist competent, terminally sick Arizonans have medical assist in dying | Native Editorials and Opinion

Number of Disability Rights Complaints Oregon has received that a person with a disability has been forced in the more than 20 years since Oregon law was enforced: NULL, according to Bob Joondeph, executive director of Disability Rights Oregon.

Percentage of Arizona residents who prefer medical assistance while dying: 56%, according to a Rocky Mountain poll conducted by the Behavior Research Center in 2015.

Percentage of Arizona Doctors Working for Medical Help in Dying: 53%, according to the Joint Arizona Medical Association and Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association Task Force on the End of Life Care Survey in 2016.

Percentage of national polls among those who prefer medical assistance while dying: 74%, according to a 2020 Gallup poll.

In several national surveys covering different population groups, including race, different age groups, political affiliation, political ideologies and religious affiliations (or no affiliation), people support the opportunity to end their suffering. However, it is not available in Arizona.

Laws have been proposed several times in Arizona law since 2003. That year it was HB2254 (sponsored by Tucson Superstar Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley and co-sponsored by seven other lawmakers) and, as in the past, was not assigned to any law committee.

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