U of M to require face coverings indoors beginning August 11

The University of Michigan will require masks to be worn in all university buildings starting Wednesday, August 11, regardless of vaccination status.

The university says the policy will adjust as COVID case numbers change – and based on U of M vaccination compliance compliance.

U of M says the move is based in part on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control – as well as state and county health officials.

There are exceptions, including active eating and drinking.

Exceptions are also made if a person:

1. alone in a closed individual office with closed door;

2. in their assigned dormitory or apartment including the common rooms; unvaccinated individuals should continue to mask themselves in public areas;

3. under 2 years of age;

4. unable to remove face covering without assistance;

5. must wear appropriate respiratory protection for the activity they perform;

6. You have been given reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);

7. swimming;

8. Engage in an activity, including certain types of instruction, where wearing a face-covering may not be possible or pose a safety hazard, provided that a risk assessment is carried out and verified by UM EHS;

9. Communicating with a hearing-impaired or otherwise disabled person for whom the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication (in such cases, alternatives such as clear face covers and other precautions should be considered);

10. Use of a service for which a temporary removal of the face covering is necessary in order to provide the service; or

11. Requested to temporarily remove face covering for identification purposes.

You can read the full U of M Mask Policy here.

“I know that we are already used to not wearing a mask when we are vaccinated, but we want everyone in our community to be as safe as possible, especially as the highly contagious Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 continues to spread. ” “Breakthrough infections” can occur in people who have been vaccinated, but although they rarely lead to serious consequences, they can spread to others. We will continue to evaluate the conditions and reconsider this policy at the beginning of the semester, “said University President Mark Schlissel in an email.

Editor’s note: U of M is licensed from Michigan Radio.

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